The Husky's Howl Week 24- 3/4/19

The Hill Husky Student Advisory Council received their t-shirts this week. Thank you to the Troy Woman's Association for purchasing the shirts and to Mrs. Eng (the art teacher) for the design.

March is Reading Month is in Full Swing

The second marking period has come to an end and we are in the heart of March Is Reading Month fun with our theme - Reading Madness! From favorite team Friday to celebrating books on Station K.I.D.S. to guest/mystery readers to theme days, the reading excitement is contagious at Hill as we can not seem to get enough of books! A special thank you to Mindy Kaspari and the March is Reading Month Committee for all the fun, reading themed events you have scheduled for us this month!

Spring Parent Teacher Conferences

Spring Parent/Teacher Child Conferences are scheduled for Thursday, March 21 from 1:20-4:00 and 5:30-8:30 p.m. Spring conferences differ from fall conferences in that only one afternoon and evening are allotted for teachers to meet with parents. Therefore, conference times are limited and will not be scheduled for every child. Teachers have sent home an email if a conference is needed or not. Students will have a half-day of school on March 21.

Comprehension May improve with Movement

Reading is often thought of as a calm and cozy activity. But research suggests that children can improve their comprehension and memory by moving around and acting out what they’ve read. Acting out a phrase or a passage can help children make connections between the words on a page and real actions. Physically crawling, for example, can help a young child understand the word crawl better. Here are some strategies for you and your child to try after reading a story together:

  • Play dress up. Dress up as favorite characters. Use props from around the house and reenact exciting scenes. Use words from the story. “I’m climbing to the peak of the mountain! The very top!”
  • Put on a play. Help your child write a short skit based on the story. Gather friends and family to participate or sit in the audience and cheer him on.
  • Do a dramatic reading. Act out the story as you read it aloud. Take turns with your child or let him perform the whole thing. Use exaggerated actions and tones to bring the story to life.
  • Plan a puppet show and act out a few scenes from the story with your child. If you don’t have puppets, make some from old socks or small paper bags.

Reprinted with permission from the March 2019 issue of Parents make the difference!® (Elementary School Edition) newsletter. Copyright © 2019 The Parent Institute®, a division of PaperClip Media, Inc. Source: M.P. Kaschak and others, “Enacted Reading Comprehension: Using Bodily Movement to Aid the Comprehension of Abstract Text Content,” PLOS ONE, Public Library of Science.

No School: March 29—April 7

Classes will resume Monday, April 8.

Please Do Not Park in the Staff Parking Lot

Please don't park in the staff parking lot before school. This is intended for staff only. We ask that you use the parent parking lot or utilize the drop off lane to start the day. Thank you!

Tackle Social Problems Before They Impact School Behavior

Learning how to deal with “friends” who turn out not to be friends is a tough lesson. And it’s one that can distract your child from learning and affect his performance in school. Talk to your child about the qualities that make someone a true friend and suggest he avoid classmates who seem:

  • Selfish. Does the person seem to think and talk mostly about himself? Is he using your child in order to get something?
  • Phony. Does the person say one thing and then do another?
  • Dishonest. Someone who is a friend only because he wants to cheat on a test is not really a friend at all.
  • Unreliable. Did he say he’d walk home with your child after school, but then head off to someone else’s house instead?

Remind your child that he is worthy of real friends and should stay clear of those who are not.

Reprinted with permission from the March 2019 issue of Parents make the difference!® (Elementary School Edition) newsletter. Copyright © 2019 The Parent Institute®, a division of PaperClip Media, Inc. Source: R.M. Kidder, Good Kids, Tough Choices: How Parents Can Help Their Children Do the Right Thing, Jossey-Bass.

  • FRIDAY 3/8 - K-5 only - No School - Teacher Workday
  • SUNDAY 3/10 - Daylight Savings Begins
  • TUESDAY 3/12 - PTO Meeting 7pm
  • WEDNESDAY 3/13 - PTO Skateworld Party 6:15-8:15pm
  • THURSDAY 3/14 - PTO Variety Show "Hill's Got Talent" - 6:00pm
  • TUESDAY 3/19 - Grades Released Through Powerschools
  • THURSDAY 3/21 - K-5 only - AM only - Dismissal at 12:29pm
  • THURSDAY 3/21 - Elementary Conferences 1:00-4:00pm, 5:00-8:00pm
  • MONDAY 3/25 - Kaiser Studio Fun Day Pictures
  • WEDNESDAY 3/27 - K-12 - Early Release Day - Dismissal at 12:39pm
  • WEDNESDAY 3/27 - Oakland County Outdoor Warning System Test - 1:00pm
  • FRIDAY 3/29 - FRIDAY 4/5 - K-12 Spring Break

Looking Ahead...

Mark your calendars for these important PTO events:

  • May 15 Box Tops Due
  • May 6-10 Teacher Appreciation Week
  • May 16 PTO Meeting
  • May 31 Hill PTO Family Fun Fair

Have a Fabulous Weekend!

Shari Pawlus - Principal - Hill Elementary


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