Holden's Jukebox Brooklin barot period 2

"Jealous"- Nick Jonas

Holden Caulfield is a very emotional young man. As Holden discovers his roommate, who is known to be a player, has a date with his old neighbor, Jane Gallagher, a spark is ignited in Holden’s emotional stability. He impulsively began to obsess with her where abouts and her well being and multiple times he was caught asking “Where is she?” showing how he was still interested in her ( Salinger 31). The song “Jealous” by Nick Jonas is the perfect song for his emotional outbreak in this scene as the song says “I don’t like the way he’s looking at you” in the very first line( Line 1). Holden was obviously very jealous of Stradlater’s connection with Jane and was extremely irritated Stradlater had treated her like some average girl he messes around with, because in Holden’s eyes Jane was the perfect girl. Holden’s jealousy fueled him to get violent and he “..tried to sock him…” with all his might (43). The song “Jealous” perfectly describes Holden’s erratic emotions and physical outbursts regarding Jane Gallagher, who might be the answer to all his problems.

"Boulevard of Broken Dreams" - Green Day

The lonely journey of Holden Caulfield, from walking to the bus station to walking the streets of New York, can be summarized into the Green Day song “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”. After being kicked out of school, Holden ultimately decides to take a journey to the city, on his own as seen through his statement that he “... walked the whole way to the station” without any company and without any knowing where he was planning on going (53). The song in the opening line says “My shadow’s the only one that walks beside me” which is very true for the lonely Holden Caulfield ( Line 1). Holden is constantly alone in this book, literally and mentally. Not even his parents know his where abouts, it’s as if it’s just Holden and his shadow. The song “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” is a great theme song for Holden’s journey to and through New York.

"I Hope You Dance"- Lee Ann Womack

Holden Caulfield, a seventeen year old boy, decided to go to a nightclub on one of his lonely nights. At the nightclub Holden found himself asking these three older women to dance. This scene can be described by the song “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack. In the song it says “And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance” which ultimately ties to the risk Holden was taking by going into a club, while he was still underage ( Lines 8,9). Holden took a chance and pleaded with the women to dance with him and even expressed “C’mon! I really feel like dancing” which just shows how outgoing and extroverted he was, which is a good thing. Holden had the chance to sit in his hotel room all night and be depressed, but he decided to make the most out of his journey and tried to have fun. This song ties to his experience in the club, which involved him taking a chance and meeting new people perfectly.

"Use Somebody"- Kings of Leon

Throughout this novel Holden seems to be struggling with loneliness, from losing his brother to leukemia to not having any close friends in his old school, Holden is basically a loner. The song “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon ultimately is a song about being alone and needing someone to save them from their isolation. Holden shares that he “felt like giving someone a buzz” and as he rattled off names of people he could try to call, he ultimately realized he could not call any of them (59). Holden wandered through life, alone and just needed someone to be there since he was dealing with everything that comes with growing up, including his criticism of adults and the disgust he faced about adult activities, like the odd couple he watched from his hotel window. The song says “You know that I could use somebody” which can directly correlate to Holden when he just needed someone to talk to (Line 4). Both the song and the book involve a cry for someone to be there with them, a cry for companionship.

"Forever Young" - Mr. Hudson

The story of Holden Caulfield is the story of struggling with the idea of growing up. Holden Caulfield from the beginning of the book is very critical of his old teacher, Mr. Spencer, to criticizing old Ernie while he played the piano and claimed he was “stinking it up” when in reality Ernie was probably a beautiful piano player (84). Holden is very impatient with adults and always sees their flaws. He sees their loss of innocence and he can not seem to deal with it. The song “Forever Young” repeatedly sings “I wanna be forever young which is exactly what Holden is thinking (Line 13). Although Holden is seventeen, almost an adult, he has a hard time fitting in with adults and would much rather stay young. He is all about purity and innocence and is easily disgusted by some of the things adults do. All in all the song “Forever Young” sums up Holden’s wish to stay young and pure.

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