Good Life Tour of the Harn Museum By: Justin Lane

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist

The piece of art displayed in the photo above is called Islandia, Goddess of the Healing Waters by Audrey Flack. Seeing this sculpture in person allowed me to appreciate the technique that the artist used to construct this piece of art. From looking at this art piece that a lot of detail was put into making this sculpture look perfect. The medium used was polychrome and gilded plaster and personally I think that this played a large role in making this sculpture feel so life-like. This is a sculpture of a goddess and it communicates the idea that there should be a balance of power between women and men in all societies. It also portrays the concept that women are capable of the same abilities that men are in society. This art piece really confirmed my stance on the idea that I believe women should be treated the same as men in every aspect of life.

Design of the Museum

The wing of the museum that I found to be the most appealing was area in the museum that housed all the women's equality artwork. I feel that oppression of women in society is huge issue that must be corrected because women deserve to be treated just as equally as men. I have so much respect for the builders of the museum because they devoted an entire area of the museum to demonstrating women's equality issues. I also felt like this area of the museum was very welcoming and created a positive setting to reflect on this issue. The amount of space used for this part of the museum was very impressive.

Art and Core Values

There were many pieces of art throughout this museum that appealed to my core values, however, I don't think there was one that appealed more to me than the one pictured above. This piece of art is named Family by Agustin Cardenas. One of my core values is maintaining healthy relationships with family and friends. I believe that is necessary for anyone on the path to acquiring the Good Life. My relationships with my family and close friends are very important in my life. Whenever I am in need of help my family and friends are always there to help. This art piece fills me with joyful emotions as it constantly reminds me of all the good experiences I've had with my friends and family. The sculpture allows me to reflect on a crucial part of my everyday life and that is the experiences I go through with my friends and family.

Art and the Good Life

Many pieces of art throughout this museum represented the different themes of the Good Life. The theme that is represented in artwork shown above is Celebrating the Good Life. The art piece above is called a Fancy Dress from the country of Ghana. These were dresses that were made specifically for yearly festivals where there were competitions for people to make the best ones. It is examples like this one shown above that depict the idea that everyone on the path to the Good Life needs to experience celebrations for all the accomplishments they make and to sometimes relieve themselves from the stresses of the outside world. This piece of art specifically allowed me to reflect on the importance of celebrating in one's life. After reflecting on this piece of art, it made me realize that I should appreciate every time I attend a celebration because it plays a large role in achieving the Good Life.

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