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I think all of the habits of mind are very useful, but the four habits of mind that I found myself using the most were creativity, persistence, responsibility, and flexibility. I think I used these four the most because they were the easiest for me to personally write about. I mentioned creativity four times, persistence four times as well, responsibility twice, and flexibility twice as well. In the beginning, I tried to spread out which habits of mind I was talking about to make it more even, but towards the end I found myself gravitating to the ones that I enjoyed talking about the most.

Creativity is very important to me. I danced my entire life, for fifteen years. For the last few years I even began teaching classes meaning I had to choreograph my own dances. Because of this, I think I am a decently creative person. This class has really given me a chance to open up more of my creative side. I genuinely laughed at the third slide of my seventh journey log. Good stuff man. I always show my friends of they’re around what I am working on for English, and usually it makes them laugh. This is a huge compliment to me. I love to make people laugh and I think when I get really creative then I can really make people laugh. My dancing tends to be more serious, but I always find my writing is never serious. This tends to get me in trouble when teaches don’t understand that I do care and I do put effort in, I am just a goofy writer. Creativity is so important because it creates new things. I think if no one was creative then the world would be a very boring place. I can be very optimistic at times, depending on my surroundings, and I like to find the beauty and creativity in things. My favorite writing are pieces that are creative. I much prefer fantasy or science fiction books, over serious noncreative books. Everyone should strive for creativity in life, because without it the world would truly be nothing.

Persistence is something few have, but everyone needs. Some may say I’m stubborn, but I prefer the world persistent. I think this stems from my dad really. He refuses to leave a problem or project until it is complete to the best of his ability. He would never let me leave a math problem until it was complete and correct. I think this is why all through high school and college I didn’t give up until whatever I was doing was done. Millennials are soft. Once things get too hard, we tend to tap out. It’s a damn shame that our generation is this way, and I honestly hope the real world changes this. Even though I think I am very persistent, I still tap out on some things sooner than I would like. Persistence is something I truly notice in my daily life and try to work on. My biggest hope is to not be a “millennial” because I don’t like millennials. I don’t want to be a spoiled brat that can’t work hard and is handed everything. It took me about 20 applications and me begging the hiring manager at our local grocery store to get my first job, and guess what! I hated every second of being there! But I didn’t quit. I didn’t quit for a whole damn year, and it quite frankly sucked. Yet, once I got my second job I was so grateful and appreciative of what step up this place was. I have worked at the shitty grocery store, doing the same thing for seven hours straight and now I understand that whatever job I get next will just be a step up. I am glad I didn’t quit, because I learned so much from those experiences.

Responsibility can be a scary word at times. “With great power, comes great responsibility” is a phrase commonly heard, but this is not what responsibility means to me. For me responsibility is all about taking responsibility for your own actions. At the restaurant I currently work at, kids make mistakes all the time and never tell anyone. These mistakes show up a month later and are a far bigger problem than they would’ve been weeks before. Even then no one owns up to these mistakes because they don’t want to get in trouble. My manager once told me that she loved having me around because I take responsibility of my mistakes when they happen. This is one of the greatest compliments I have ever received. It is ok to fail, it’s not ok to not take responsibility of these failures.

Flexibility is definitely the habit of mind that I struggle with the most. I am not the most flexible person. I am very stubborn and like things my way. I just do this because I think my ways the best way, but I understand that that is not always true. I think it also depends on the subject how flexible I am. Ask me where I want to party on a certain night? Whatever everyone else wants to do! Ask me how a project should be done? My way or the highway. This is due to my lack of trust in people to get things done right. In my defense, I have been failed by many a group projects in my day. This is something I will always struggle with, but it is important to be flexible in many situations. Not everything will go your way and that’s ok. The real struggle is dealing with that fact.

My first few journey logs were definitely very optimistic, but it was at journey log 5 where I really lost my shit. I know you’re gonna think I am soft because I can’t handle my snoring roommate but you deal with snoring and tell me how that goes! (my friends recently had their first run in with a snoring roommate and they for sure pity me now) This journey log I felt was really funny but also very dramatic, my bad. Journey log 7 is really when I tug at your heart strings. Just constantly trying to get you to pity me basically. I feel like 8-10 really try to be happier. Journey log 9 I threw in some weed jokes on 4/20 just to keep the mood light. Number 10 is really just some babbling with a bunch of dogs. What more could you ask for? Overall, I definitely hit a low point in the middle of the semester but I am a lot happier now! Most of my journey logs just talk about my projects and the struggles I have with them. I find that if I get it out of my system through writing, then I feel a lot better. I fear that this makes me sound whiney but really, I just let it out and feel good. I try not to hold things in because that’s when things go bad.

This ones just for giggles.

I hate Minecraft. Super sorry. Will never enjoy. Never have never will. Journey Log 8 is a prime piece of writing on my feelings of Minecraft. Sorry again. Journey log 9 is just false. Don’t listen to it. I still hate Minecraft. Must’ve been a moment of weakness. Who knows, maybe 4/20 was hitting me hard. (Totally kidding I don’t smoke weed I swear just enjoy making jokes). Yeah, so Minecraft. 0/10, would not recommend.

I think this class has taught me a lot about creativity and my ways of thinking. I had never thought about the habits of mind before this class even though I use so many of them in my day to day life. I guess I just never really gave any thought to what drove my thought process. It just happens, but no one really pays attention to how or why. I hope this class has made me more creative and a better writer, but who really knows! I think being a good writer has far more to do with having a good story to tell than it does with how you tell that story.

Ready for finals!


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