The Boy Creative Writing Competition, 10d

Im Rahmen der Vorbereitung für die ZAP in Englisch haben wir, die 10d, einen Schreibwettbewerb zum Thema „Mobbing“ durchgeführt. Hier sind die besten Ergebnisse, die Szenen in den Fotos sind gestellt:

Bullying- A Story

Jakob has been in junior high school since the fifth grade. In his first two years everything was fine. He had friends and everything was normal. Then everything changed. Jacob doesn’t know, what happened exactly? Jakob is a good student and he likes to learn. One day the others began to make fun of him.He writes good grades and he participates in the lessons. Possibly this made Jacob uncool. The others students say that Jakob is a nerd. His friends don’t want to see him anymore and the girls of the class laugh at him. They are only friendly when they need help with their homework or a test. But when they get what they want, they make fun of him again. Every day Jacob stands alone on the schoolyard. He realizes that everyone is talking about him and making fun of him. But what should he do? If he tells his parents or the teacher, the others will abuse him more. Jacob is desperate. Lia G.

Skinny Boy

*Dingdong* I ran quickly out of class as soon as I heard the bell ring. „Hi Skinny Boy, have you been going to the gym lately?´´ I heard Mike, one of the popular rich boys, say as I walked past him and his huge group of friends. I ignored him and walked faster until I finally made it to the cafeteria, but from the distance I heard one of them say ,,Yeah I bet he is, I mean look at those big, oh I meant nonexistent muscles´´ after that they all laughed . It does hurt my feelings to be honest but after all these years I´m used to it. I mean who can blame them- I am pretty skinny and fragile- looking but if they only knew what I´m going through, they probably would be ashamed of their hurtful words, nobody knows my secret, nobody knows that I have dermatomyositis. It´s a very rare illness which affects the muscles. They think all I care about is books and science ,but that is just not true, I love sports and I love to take long walks in the nature or to ride the bike even though I can`t do too much of all that because after a couple of minutes everything hurts very badly . Anyways, so as I walked into the cafeteria I went straight to the table with the food and took some chicken nuggets and a coke, sat down on my own and ate quickly before any of the popular students came over. I left the cafeteria and suddenly they were standing in front of me, two girls and 3 guys. I felt so scared . What was I gonna do ? I looked down to the floor ,,Head up skinny boy we don´t bite !´´ I slowly looked up and the girl on my left started talking ,,haha look at him he´s so scared´´ ,,Yeah and fragile´´ the boy on my right added. I had enough. I´m finally going to speak up and let them know who I truly am ,,Shut up, all of you! You don´t even know who I am and if you did you wouldn`t be talking to me like that!´´ I yelled. ,,Oh look he´s talking… so tell us skinny boy who are you?´´ one of them asked with a raised eyebrow ,,First of all ,I´m not skinny boy I´m Max and I´m not weak, you have no idea of what I have already fought against or what problems I had to face in my life ´´.Suddenly they were all quiet. ,,Wha- what do you mean?´´ they all asked at once . ,,Since the day I was born I had to fight against my illness dermatomyositis and one day I will win against it and you horrible people will not stand in my way!´´ Then I left them all standing there with the mouths so wide open that their chins were almost on the floor . A feeling that I haven`t felt in so long hit me ,I felt strong and confident. Nobody will know me as Skinny Boy anymore, not today and definitely not tomorrow. Melissa A.


Bob has been in love with a girl since he was 12 years old. He still loves Sarah. Sarah belongs to a group of four who are really close and are known that they often gossip about other people.So he takes all his courage to write her a love letter. When Sarah receives the letter she doesn`t act as Bob imagined. Unfortunately, Sarah starts to laugh about this letter and his idea to be couple is impossible for her. From now on everyone in the group begins to bully him. For example, they say hihihi he is so ugly, he doesn´t fit to you because of his terrible smell and so and so on… Bob gets really depressed and sad. But one day he meets a new girl called Summer. She is a really pretty and loyal girl. So he finally forgets Sarah and becomes strong enough to ignore the group and her. Fiona R.


The kids are laughing at him. He’s hurt. He doesn’t understand them. And they don’t understand him. He is a special one. Nobody can see the light inside his heart. Nobody can realize the pain he feels in his chest. Nobody knows the hell he has in his head. But everybody can laugh at him. He’s broken. He just wants somebody to understand him, to stand with him and to talk with him. But the other students just say: “You are so ugly. Go buy some good clothes. You’re worthless. If I was your mum I would kick you out of my house. You are just a piece of shit. You are disgusting. Nobody wants you. Go kill yourself, please. It would be better for all.”He runs away. He puts his hand on his ears and cries. A storm is brewing in his chest. He is about to scream. The voices in his head get louder and louder. They say that’s his entire fault. He goes to the big street at his school and he just stops in the middle. He closes his eyes, holds on his breath and says: “I’m so sorry. I can’t handle it anymore. I can’t stand this anymore. I can’t do this anymore. Sorry Mum, sorry Dad. I’m just a failure.” He hears the honking of a truck. In this moment someone grabs him and puts him on the sidewalk. It is one of the kids who insulted him. It’s a girl. She is the girlfriend of the leader of the clique. She looks in his watery eyes and asks: “What are you doing?! You could have died!” He is flashed. A tear roles down his cheek. The girl wipes the tear with her thumb and hugs him tight. Her voice cracked: “I’m sorry. You don’t deserve this. I was wrong. The other students were wrong. Forgive us, please.” One year later… He is happy. He sits with his clique at a lake, near the school. They laugh, eat chips and they listen to their favorite songs. The girl who saved his life is his best friend now. The others are his friends too. The girl changed their minds after the happening. Meanwhile nobody’s marginalized and the clique is like a big family. Svenja N.

The End

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