cherie's photovoice

week 1: selfie and picture of family member
This is from Week 1, we were to submit selfies and a picture of a family member. In the top one, it is a picture of my baby sister, Blessing.
week 2: snapshot and portrait
The picture on top is a snapshot of Ava, it wasn't very staged we liked the background and took a picture. In the first one to the left below that picture; is a portrait of Sabrina. We staged it to look like she was reaching for a leaf, also I like how the background is very calm so you focus on the subject. The picture of the sky (in the middle ) is just a nice calm picture I took it while the sun was going away so it made the building look nice. The last picture closest to the right is a portrait, we staged it and I really love the background.
week 3: picture on issues
This is from Week 3, we were to take two pictures about an issue of our choice. The issue I focus on throughout my pictures is discrimination and there’s a lot of division happening around society so in my pictures I had one where there was two hands and they are different colors and it embraces diversity also the other picture is Skylar, his fist and pose symbolizes how in this day and age many people are standing up for their rights and what they believe in.
week 4: artist statement and revision

after pairing up we discussed how we can get our message across through more effectively. So I decided to reshoot using a different angle and background

week 5: final revision
This piece is inspired by the photo "Accused Blowtorch Padlock", by artist Pat Ward Williams. I edited my photo in Photoshop and added the text "share our similarities, celebrate our differences." I chose this quote because this is what diversity means; being able to know that just because we are different, it doesn't mean we can't be valued the same way. Our differences that set us apart should not divide us. I highlighted the words "similarities", "differences", and "share" because I wanted them to stand out as the most important. This topic is important to me because one of the reasons I like the city of Evanston is because of its diversity. There is a mix of different races, cultures, and traditions here and that is what makes Evanston stand out.
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Cherie Animashaun

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