Thunderstorms By: Elijah Carter

The Cumulus phase is the beginning stage of the storm where the clouds come together to form a super big cloud.
The mature stage is where the rain pours hard and it's climax.
The final thunderstorm phase is the Dissipating Stage. This where the sky clears up and the clouds disperse hence then name Dissipate.
The first step is where warm air rises.
The second step is where warm air and cold air rotate starting off the initial funnel.
The third and final step of the tornado is the Vortex/ Mesocyclone in which the tornado is most powerful and destructive. And eventually fades away.
Begin as a bunch of thunderstorms over the ocean.
Warm air from storms moves to the center and rises creating clouds.
Clouds form a ring called the "Eye Wall".
The ring will spin nearly 70 mph and will be most destructive at this point.
At this point of a hurricane it has died due to land and no water to support it anymore.
Created By
Elijah Carter-Roberts

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