Personal Values


In class, we did an exercise where we were to put certain goals or characteristics into three different categories. Important, very important, and not important. This exercise was somewhat eye opening. I guess just really seeing these values on paper really puts into perspective what you want in life.

"Important to me" category

Most of the values fell into this category. This is what I want to have in my life now and when I am older.

"Very Important to me" category

Compared to the last section, this definitely has less items in it, but these items are more important, hence the name. Selecting the values and characteristics in this section was really difficult to me. Decided what I couldn't live without, or that I do not hope to live without was really hard. There are a lot of things that are important me, but these are the things that I care about very much.

"Not important to me" category

This values are extremely important. I would have no trouble promoting one of the things above but that is not my calling. I know that sounds terrible. Ecology, world peace, and justice are definitely issues in today's society and I am not against any of them. But promoting them isn't something that I am interested in enough to say that it is very important to me or even important to me

Left column: Extremely Important

I was asked to take my "Very important to me" section and divided it into two different categories. Really really important and just really important.

10 most important things

I was asked to then cut down my list even smaller. It was definitely harder and harder each time we cut the list down.

Five most important values

Goals based on Values

1. My first goal is a short-term goal. I want to get a B on every one of my finals. If I can have a good understanding of the material that will help me in the long run and get me closer to graduation. Graduation will lead to a good job and help me get wealthy in more ways than one. Hopefully after college is where I will meet my future husband so that we can start our family together. That will create the love and being loved factor as well. So if right now I can get a good understanding of the material it will lead me on the right track to all my goals.

2. My next goal is a long-term goal. I think that this goal was also inspired by the Working Towards Excellence book that we read in class. My goal from here on out is to always put in my best effort. Effort is one of the most important values in my opinion. I would like to think that I am decently smart so if I can just put in the effort that I know I can and should I feel like that will get me a better education. Once I have a good education that will lead me to my job. Effort at your job is just as important as effort in school. Effort in my job will also lead me to get wealthy which is one of my goals as well. The thing I want to put the most effort in when I am older is my family and love life. I have seen families and relationships around me fall apart because they just do not put enough effort in. I will make the effort to spend time with them and be incorporated in their lives as much as possible. I think once I do that I will really feel my other goals of being loved and loving others.

3. My next goal is a short-term goal. It is to appreciate my friends more. Some times I do not realize what good friends I have. I think about thinks like "Dang why did'nt I get invited to that party with them". I think things like that but I forget to all the things I do get invited too. I think about how many birthdays I have spent with them and how if I need something most of them will come running. I sometimes only look at the bad and I am going to try to be different and not take them fro granted.


This process really kind of shocked me. I think seeing all these qualities and characteristics really opened my eyes to what I think is important to me. Most characteristics fell under the "important to me" category. These are things that I think I want to have in my life in order to be happy. The section of "very important to me" are the things that I would almost say I needed in life to be happy. Making cuts got harder and harder every time because I found myself not in a tough spot when picking what was really important to me. For me I think my over all number one value would be family. My other values were loving and being loved and I am hoping that my family would incorporate those values in it! Family has always been a big part in my life. My parents have strived to make sure that no matter how hard they worked that I would always know that family was the most important at the end of the day. Family is very relevant to me now and that is something I want in the future. For me I think my over all number one value would be family. With family comes being loved and loving others. Being loved by family or a significant other is one of the best feelings ever and giving somebody else love is just as important! The things that I said aren't important to me most people would question. I think all those things are important, but I do not thing promoting them is important to me.

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