Epic Hero Archetype traitS pRoject By - Esaias Alvarez

Three core archetypes traits that all epic heroes should possess are bravery, resilience, and intelligence. Bravery is showing no fear of dangerous or difficult things. Which also means being able to confront frightening things of facing your fears. It's essential for a epic hero to possess bravery because it allows people to develop a sense of leadership and confidence which all hero needs. Resilience is when you are able to adapt well in the face of adversity or trauma. It's a quality that allows someone to be knocked down in life and come back even stronger rather letting failure overcome them. It's essential for a epic hero to have resilience because you're always going to have face challenges that you may not overcome at first but that should not stop you from trying. If your not resilient your not going to be able to encourage others. Which is vital for a epic hero. Intelligence is being able to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. Also to deal and understand situations. It's important for a epic hero to possess intelligence because it allows them to make good choices in their situation. Another reason it's important because an epic hero needs to be a good and fast at making smart decisions.

Oddysseus shows all three of those archetypes. Odysseus shows bravery when he goes to the underworld to try and save his warrior's life. "Odysseus and his crew set out for the land of the dead they arrive and find the place to which Circe has directed them."(pg.388) oddysseus shows resilience when him and his warriors are trapped in the Cyclope's cave and his warriors gave up but oddysseus didnt give up and found a way to get out the cave by tricking the Cyclopes and stabbing him. "I drew it from the coals and my four fellows gave me a hand, lugging it near the Cyclops as more than natural force nerved them; straight forward they sprinted, lifted it, and rammed it deep in his crater eye, and I leaned on it turning it as a shipwright turns a drillin planking, having men below to swingthe two-handled strap that spins it in the groove.So with our brand we bored that great eye socketwhile blood ran out around the red hot bar.Eyelid and lash were seared; the pierced ballhissed broiling, and the roots popped." (pg.380 line 285-295) Odysseus shows intelligence when he him and warriors escape on the bottom of the rams so the Cyclopes want know they are trying to escape. "I tied them silently together, twining cords of willow from the ogre’s bed;then slung a man under each middle oneto ride there safely, shielded left and right.So three sheep could convey each man. I took the woolliest ram, the choicest of the flock,and hung myself under his kinky belly,pulled up tight, with fingers twisted deepin sheepskin ringlets for an iron grip.So, breathing hard, we waited until morning." (pg.381 line 340-345)

Another hero that shows these archetypes is Luke Skywalker. Luke Skywalker shows bravery when he leaves his home planet to learn the ways of the force from Obi-Wan. " I want to come with you to Alderaan. There's nothing for me here now. I want to learn the ways of the force and become a Jedi like my father." (episode 4) Luke Skywalker shows resilience when Obi-Wan gets killed by Darth Vader and Luke has to move on from his master getting killed and prepare even harder to kill Darth Vader. " I'll not leave you here. I've got to save you." (episode 4) Luke Skywalker shows intelligence when he learns the force so quickly than others. He spent a grand total of a week with Jedi masters. He is able to feel people's presence like his fathers when he wa on the moon(Death Star). " no more training do you require. Already know you, that which you need." ( episode 4)

Epic heros play a big role in today's society. Especially for kids. Epic heros set a good example and our role models for kids. Kids wish they can one day be like them. I don't think epic heros play the same role in ancient Greece 3000 years ago. Back then I think they would've worshiped the epic heros like they are some gods. They would've looked up to them like a unnatural super human. Epic heros has also had a affect on my life. I always use to watch a tv show called Pokémon. I always looked up to Ash a role model. I love how he never gave up even though he lost a gym battle. I loved how he cared so much for his partners/Pokémon. He would risk his life for his Pokémon and also other Pokémon that don't viene belong to him that's how much he cared for them. I will always look up to him as a role model.

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