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Thermal energy is the movement of particles in the air that can create heat. Thermal energy is usually produced when an object has kinetic energy, and all that movement makes the object begin the gradually have more Thermal energy. Kinetic energy creates heat because the particles are moving faster because the object is moving faster. The faster the particles are moving the higher the temperature. The more particles the more thermal energy.

Other types of energy can be created by movement and sunlight. Solar panels use sunlight and covert sunlight to power instead of using fossil fuels. Another example is that windmills use wind to turn around and produce energy.

We also learned about conductors and insulators. A conductor is an object that conducts heat and can absorbs heat and energy in general more easily. An insulator is an object that is difficult for heat and energy to pass through such as newspaper or wood.

With all this information about energy and heat we made solar ovens in class. We got cardboard box and insulated it with Popsicle sticks newspaper and other things then wrapping a conductor to absorb the heat and keep it in. Our end product was a half cooked quesadilla and it tasted bad.

This video talks about the topics of heat. Thermal energy, convection, conduction, radiation, and many more subjects on heat. Convection is when with liquid or air the heat rotates from bottom to top. Conduction is when a material conducts heat. Radiation is when radial rays the have heat and they can heat up the object that has come across the waves

Our groups solar oven was horrible. It was made out of a cardboard box and had a little overhang and sides that were all around the box expect it didn't have a roof. First we added a thin layer of tin-foil all around the box inside and out. then we did a think layer of newspaper to insulated the heat on the inside. We covered that layer of newspaper with foil and then put the oven outside and waited.

This is our groups solar ovens
This is my group.


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