Mountain View Adventist College Term 1 week 6

From the Principal's Desk

Hello Parents,

It is already over half way through Term 1 and students should be busy with their school work. It is only four weeks away from the Year 12 mid-year examinations. At the end of this term they will be half way through their course.

It may be timely to consider the organisational skills of your students. When you look into your child’s school bag, what do you find? Is the schoolbag full of dog-eared scraps of paper, overdue library books, outdated school notices, stale remnants of lunch, a dirty sneaker? Do the older students have organised folders? Do they have methods of keeping their photocopied handouts? Do they keep their subject notes together?

If any of these things are happening it maybe a sign that your child is having difficulty at school. It is often the case that these students under-achieving at school and find it almost impossible to meet deadlines. They lack the organisation skills we all need to get through their school days. Many children never develop these skills during their schooldays and struggle in their first years at university or in a job.

One of the best things we can do for them is give them ways they can organise their paperwork, get started on time on tasks, keep track of books and assignments, concentrate on what needs to be done, plan for deadlines and keep all their school stuff in designated spaces.

Here are some suggestions:

Set up a calendar, send reminders, and sound the alarm.

This may be done on their computers, or phones or just an ordinary paper calendar.

Keep a large, clear family calendar in a visible place like the kitchen and use different coloured pens for each member of the family.

Check the student’s diary. Every student should be using a diary with important dates in them and ensure these dates are on the family calendar.

Make sure that students do not spend too much time on social media. There should be set times for mealtimes, screen-time, homework, leisure, and bedtimes so your children already have a structure to their day. Ensure they get to bed early. This depends on the age of the child.

Show your children ways to make a start on a task, how to break it up into manageable chunks, how to prepare a mind-map to plan each step.

Share how in your own life you take big tasks one step at a time. This will help save your child from being daunted by what seems an impossible set of demands and build confidence in their own capacity to get things done.

Ask an older student sibling or neighbour to act as a management coach.

Write every event, target and assignment in large letters on a calendar in their work area and have a short daily discussion about what can be crossed off, what progress is being made and any looming deadlines.

May God be with you as you go about your work this week.

Tony Hay

Naplan Recognition Two Years in a Row

The results validate the commitment we made three years ago to launch a new literacy and numeracy program for students from Kindergarten to Year 9, with an emphasis on the foundational years of Primary school. These programs have had a significant impact on student learning.

To read more click the "Naplan" button

Junior WOSE

On the 26 February the Junior school began their Week of Spiritual Emphasis. (WOSE). Our theme for this week was “ONE TEAM, ONE DREAM” with our guest speaker Pr Hope Chomczysnki. She spoke to the kids on this theme tying her talks in with different Olympic sports. She drew spiritual lessons from these sports like the need to have Jesus as our coach, the need to be a team player and the need to represent our colours and uniform well. The kids were challenged every day to take the message and apply it to their lives here at school. They were challenged to compliment each other and build each other up, as well as be inclusive of others amongst other things.

The kids also participated every day in leading out in worship and through special items and each class did an excellent job and had a great time doing it. We thank God for the great week we had and we thank all the teachers and students who made it all possible. And a BIG thank you to all the parents that came to support the kids throughout the week

One Team, One Dream

Swimming Carnival- Junior School Participants

Nine students from year 2 and 3 represented the Junior School at the College’s Swimming Carnival on Tuesday, March 6th. They participated in 25m Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke races. They also participated in fun races: The Great Race, Noodle Race and Money Scramble where they had to collect as many 50 cent pieces as they could from the wading pool and got to keep what coins they collected. The students participated in chanting cheers for their sporting house. A great day was had by all and we are very proud of the students.

Middle & Senior Swimming Carnival

The Swimming Carnival on Tuesday at Charlie Lowles Leisure Centre was a great success. God blessed us with good weather; the rain held off and the sunshine even made an appearance. Students enjoyed competing in the traditional 50m races as well as the relays and novelty events. Noodle Races were introduced this year with unprecedented participation. The supportive environment at the Carnival was outstanding. Students of all ages cheered on their classmates and the newly appointed House Captains and Vice Captains did a fantastic job of rallying participation in all events. The students’ enthusiasm and good behaviour were a positive advertisement for the school! We’re looking forward to announcing Age Champions and House Points in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for a great day Mountain View!

Year 11 First Aid Course

On Wednesday the 28 February Year 11 PDHPE students had the pleasure of completing a First Aid Course with Life Saving Australia.

Students were presented activities, discussion, scenarios and stories of first aid issues throughout the day. Topics including Bleeding, Stroke, Slings, Bites & Stings and the like were covered. To finalise and complete the First Aid course, students had to complete a written quiz and complete a CPR practical assessment. Overall the students had a great time and learnt many valuable skills that could potentially save an individual’s life.

First Aid Reflection

Ethan: Today was a very educational day as we learnt how to save lives and become a proper first aid responder. We learnt the correct technique on how to perform CPR and we also learnt how to use a defibrillator. We liked the fact that there was a lot of practical components to the course. We faced a lot of challenges throughout the day and learnt how to deal with them in the correct manner. Having learnt these new skills enables us to have the ability to know what to do in challenging situations. It was a great day as it wasn’t all serious, the instructors were very kind, funny and helpful.

John: The First Aid Course was a very fun experience to be apart of. It showed us what to do in a life threatening scenario. This course taught us what to do when we are forced in these types of situations.

RJ: The first Aid Course was both educational and motivating to help us learn on to not only save lives, but make the community safer.


ICAS Assessments

ICAS Assessments will be sent home with your child in the near future.

Parents will need to return their forms and required money for testing to our school office by March 21 for Digital Technologies assessments and the end of term for the other assessments, being Science, Spelling, Writing, English and Mathematics.

Coles – Sport for Schools

So far we have 3,281 vouchers after two weeks. Thank you to everyone who has sent in the vouchers. Keep Collecting! Our goal is 10,000 vouchers.

After School Sport, Year 1-6

Will take place in Term 2. Keep a look out at the start of term 2 for more information in the newsletter.

Year 1-4 Swimming

Please take note of the following dates: March 9th, 16th and 23rd. Please make sure your child has their towel, swimmers and goggles etc.

Afternoon School Pickup

As our College continues to grow, we have an increased amount of traffic coming into and out of the College. The increased traffic at the front of Administration building is causing concern for us and the area to remain safe. To this end, we will be changing our approach to After School Pickup effective from Term 2.

Currently, we ask that all students that are being picked up by car, should be going through to the car line. Car line is conducted in the furthest drive way from Eastern Road - heading towards Doonside Railway Station. All students who are being transported by car should be picked up from the John Eastwood Hall.

Effective from day one of Term 2, we will be closing the two front gates immediately in front of the Admin Building at 2:30pm. Gates will reopen at 3:40pm once all of the school traffic has left the College grounds. All students that are being picked up will be required to use the Car Line.

We appreciate your assistance, understanding and patience as we make these necessary adjustments to ensure that your children and our staff are kept safe during this busy time of the school day.

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