Happy Birthday To My Mother

I hope today's errand list

was easy to make,

with a work load as light as your

Angel Food Cake.

If not, I pray something

brightens your day,

to help all of that stress

go away.

At the end of the day, I hope you get to relax,

or go to the theater with dad and eat popcorn and snacks.

If all of that fails,

there's always sewing,

where you can make something for someone without them knowing.

No matter what you decide,

let your prayers be your guide

And treat this day like a reward,

as it is a gift straight from the Lord.

and even if I am far far away,

I can still wish you

a Happy Birthday!

Made With Love

By: Josh Lorenzen 

Created By
Josh Lorenzen


Created with images by blickpixel - "gifts packages made" • jspatchwork - "20070315 angel food cake 02" • PublicDomainPictures - "candles birthday black" • annca - "popcorn cinema ticket" • R391n4 - "yarn string thread" • congerdesign - "bible cross easter" • tsakshaug - "IMG_4500" • standuppaddle - "balloons color summer"

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