Aphasia Grace DiMeo

The Temporal Lobe

The Temporal Lobe is responsible for:

- Sensory Information

- Speech from the ears.

- Speech Comprehension

- Pitches of sound


Aphasia is the inability to listen, read, write, but the most known is absent ability to speak. This happens after a person has gone through a stroke.

It affects the Temporal Lobe which is responsible for hearing and speech. It can also be affected if the of the Lobe has been damaged through disease or a brain tumors.


Difficulty Producing Language

Diffucility Understanding Language

Difficulty Reading and Writing

How It Affects The Brain

The brain actually affects IT. Aphasia does not eat away at the brain, the brain causes the disorder.

There are multiple types of Aphasia which can vary depending on which side of the brain is damaged.

Temproal Lobe = Wernicke's Aphasia

People who are affected by this speak in long drawn out sentences that may not make any sense. They ass words that are not nesscery and even make up new ones.

Frontal Lobe = Broca's Aphasia

These people may also have trouble moving their limbs because the frontal lobe is also responsible for movements. Unlike Wernicke's Aphasia they speak short bursts of words.

Language Portions of the Brain = Goobal Aphasia

This is the most serious type of Aphasia. People whom have this can not comprehend through hearing, and they can not speak.

Risk Factors

There is not any Risk to having Aphasia, but having Broca's Aphasia may cause emotional strain. This type, the patron is fully aware of their mistakes and therefore can become frustrated from the lack of understanding.

There is therapy for people with Aphasia. This includes, speech therapy, photos, and sign language.

How Aphasia Affects Your Brain


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