Video games increase creativity according to studies found at MSU

"Being creative is important in our daily lives. People use their creativity in things such as arts and writing. Video games are also important because many of them are demanding, requiring critical thinking and quick decision making. Unfortunately, most families still don't know that video games play a vital role in boosting creativity for kids and adults alike." -Fox view, youtube

A post on Reddit titled "do you think video games sap creativity" is objectified as one writer explains "They act as a medium that conveys ideas or offers materials to express your inner creativity".

As he sees the frozen landscape lying before him, he knew adventure would be underway. This province of hardy nords and ancient ruins would prove alien to an outsider, but he is no stranger to this land. He is the last dragon born, and this is the place he calls home. Skyrim.

"There are small scale developers working in the indie game realm, creating unique and creative gaming without the budgets of AAA titles. [...] much like indie music or film, the indie gaming movement provides a creative outlet for game designers who want to work outside of the mainstream." -The creativity of indie video games, PBS digital studios


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