Kianna Orbiting Jupiter

Woodard, Danielle. “Orbiting Jupiter Book Trailer” Online video clip. Youtube. Youtube, 8 Jul. 2016. Web. 9 Dec. 2016.

The main character in the novel “Orbiting Jupiter,” written by Gary D. Schmidt, is a troubled teen named Joseph. This compelling character is held in a prison trying to see someone he is very close to.The conflict involves him getting hurt trying to leave this prison called Stone Mountain. He feels that it is inequitable that he can't see someone that he is really close to ,and not only close but his own daughter. He is determined to change the way he feels because of what people are trying to do to keep his daughter away from him.

When Joseph became a part of this upstanding foster family, he was taught how to milk his first cow and her name was Rosie.
After Joseph going through all the tough times trying to find Maddie and his daughter, find out what happens to Maddie and also find out what happens to Joseph and his abusive father.

Although Joseph has an admirable foster family that takes care of his beautiful baby girl like she was their very own child.

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