Saving The Great Barrier Reef By Mia Biddulph

Great Barrier Reef Reflection

What did I do well?

I think I did the format of my written and visual text well. I did well learning how to use Adobe Spark and photo shop even if I’m still not perfect at it.

What would I do differently if I had the task to do again?

I would go to ICT or ask someone to get my Adobe Spark fixed earlier. I would start and finish the task earlier to get more time to check and relax so I don’t stress out as much. I would ask more questions and ask them earlier so I could get a better understanding of what to do and to double check if I’m doing it right.

What help did I need?

I needed help to get logged into Adobe Spark as I did not have a login and couldn’t get into it. I needed to ask what exactly I needed to do on ThingLink so I could get that done. I also needed to ask how to get my written text onto the Adobe Spark.

The main thing about the art of persuasion that I have learned from this task is:

I have learned that the art of persuasion is vital and can make the difference of you, for instance, saving something, such as the Great Barrier Reef, or leaving it to die. I have also learned that there are many different and very effective ways to persuade people in written and visual texts for example, a single photo or ad could persuade you to do or buy something as much as a whole newspaper article could, but they both work and are both very effective.

Original image references:

Background Coral -

Turtle -

Website references:

Great Barrier Reef 2016, WWF, accessed 16 March 2017, <>.

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