Florida Museum of Natural History Synclair Baker

Nature on Display: The frog exhibit was particularly appealing because there was such a diverse group of them from different countries, and with different characteristics. The exhibit captured my attention because there were so many colors and description of the frogs, although frogs personally creep me out. For example the frogs above and to the right are Dart Poison Frogs, they may have been the prettiest to look at but they are deadly. I learned that frogs are creature who are beautiful yet unpredictable and that they do have a purpose in nature. I found that attending the museum with my roommate, Bailey, was rather enjoyable because we were in awe of nature.

Nature and Ethics: The Natural History Museum brought to focus many aspects of nature that I did not know. The frog and butterfly exhibit were eye appealing exhibits that make us appreciate nature in a different way than when outside of the museum. We must "love, respect, and admire" the true beauty that surrounds us in nature and the everyday world. Not only butterflies and frogs, but the history of animals and the Earth make us view nature in a different way. My experience in the museum did not really impact my ethical responsibility to nature because we as humans still conquer the unconquerable and the unknown.

Nature and the Human Spirit: Pictured above is a Midden (remains of what people leave behind). The buildup has become apart of the Earth and the ground we walk on. While this was not a mystery, it was a majesty of demonstrating that what we leave behind impacts the Earth. The Natural History museum opened my eyes to some of the beauties of nature that I was unaware of. For example, their is this huge reconstruction of the bones of a Charles R. Knight Mastodon (pictured below) that was truly humongous that it mad me questions, how these animals lived in the world that we live in today. (As seen by the expression on my roommates, Bailey's face)


Synclair Baker Bailey Wingate

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