Mayans Nile Christensen


Festivals and celebrations

Every 20th day there would be a festival

Blood letting had a part in the festival you could do it if you wanted to

Captives were forced to play ball against the mayan team

Priests would climb up a pyramid and make lot of noise

Topic 2

this is the Mayans daily life

The Mayans had a class like 1st 2nd and 3rd at the top of it was nobles and priests, 2nd was crafts men and traders and also warriors and at the last class was farmers and slaves

they did not take there people as slaves

slaves were captured from other tribes

Topic 3 Farmers

Most of all the Mayans were farmers

All the Farmers families had houses and ate very well

Woman help plant and harvest all of the plants

Men and boys did not come home in tell under early after nooon

Topic 3

Mysterious Maya

Nobody new where the Mayans came from they just made a tribe

They also played games they had a ball court

By around 900 CE all the Mayans were all gone

40% of all Guatemala's population trace back to the Mayans

Topic 5


pyramides were tombs no one lived in them

some had steps so priest could climb them

some pyramides were 200 feet high

pyramides also had lots of traps in them to catch grave robbers


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