A day in life of a gamer By anson Wan


This movie is about a student gamer, who is currently in high school called Earl Haig secondary school. The student's name is Kevin. Basically, this movie would be a loop of the student waking up, going to school up until he is going to sleep at night. Though the twist is, instead of what a normal student would do like listening in class doing homework etc, he would completely disregard whatever is happening around him and only focus on playing games or doing whatever that's what he is suppose to be doing in class. Also, I've tried to use an effect called the whip pan, I've gotten inspiration from Casey Neistat, a famous Youtuber who use to do daily vlogs, this effect can be seen below with the video I've linked. There're no sound in the movie because it's a metaphor of a gamer having emerged into his/her own world which makes them unable to hear what is happening outside of their *task*.

Video Inspiration

The whole video is basically him using the technique while vlogging.


Who will be in the film:

Kevin Haong: Playing as the main character (Shawn Bean), like some student, he likes to procrastinate and not listen in class. However, Kevin had taken it to a point that he is simply does not caring about anyone else and play games on whatever he has on him at the moment, such as playing on his phone, using a computer and browse the internet, or even tic-ta-toe.

Sunny Chen: Playing as himself, Sunny here is basically acting at the "good" student and is doing what he is suppose to be doing in contrast to Kevin who is not listening in class.

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