Hum101 Final Desiree Senner

My Mission Statement: My Photography business specializes in outdoor photos using natural light to capture moments too beautiful for words. I choose to express love and compassion through weddings, engagements, and everyday life.


Strengths: Motivated, Passionate, Optimistic

Weaknesses: Perfectionist, Comparing, Unfamiliarity

Opportunities: Spread love and compassion, Bring people together, and create memories

Threats: Clients, Variable income, New equipment (keeping up)

• I will stay motivated by remembering my main objective; to spread love and compassion.

• I will use my passion of Photography to bring people together.

• I will stay optimistic and use my good attitude to help people create memories.

• I will use my perfectionism to make my art-work shine.

• I will not compare myself to others, knowing that we are all on our own unique journeys as photographers.

• I will use spare time to research new technologies and budget for them.

• I will stay optimistic when it comes to money and remember that will time will come stability. It is okay to struggle as a beginner in any business. You must persevere!

• I will stay optimistic about my client list and know that the right people will find me at the right time. Someday I will be booked out, just not today.

• Show my passion for my work by finishing school and graduating as a professional with my Bachelors degree in Photography and Design.

Design Philosophy: Since a very young age I have always had a strong love for people. Owning my own business means that I have turned that passion of mine into a career. I use natural lighting and my eye for candid moments to create memories that will last a life-time.

Design Hero: Brandon Stanton - Humans of New York

Brandon Stanton is a photographer who first started with a goal of photographing 10,000 people in New York. He would post a small caption of something the person had said to him while he was photographing them. This gave people insight into the lives of people they had never met and gave them something to think about each day. His posts became popular and before he knew it he had millions of fans. HONY was formed and he continued on and was able to photograph more people than ever expected. He now has 3 books full of photos and beautiful stories and was able to travel to other countries as well to take photos. He is such an inspiration to me because of the way he has created such a positive community on the internet and for the way he makes peoples stories heard. I aspire to be like him. To have my photography bring people to tears and to fill people with emotion. I want the stories expressed through my work to be bold and beautiful and something that people will always remember. I want my work to make people feel something like Brandon has.

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Desiree Senner


Copyrights belong to me, these are all my photos. Besides the last three. Those belong to Brandon Stanton. 

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