Good Life: Harn Art Museum Brendan White

The day at the Harn Art Museum was a great one. We stepped out of our comfort zones and learned new things from various pieces of art. We gained a greater appreciation for the messages behind certain pieces of art as well as the backgrounds of the artists.

This piece of art is called "Ode a I"Oubli" by Louise Bourgeois. The technique of the artist and the medium of this piece of this piece of art is amazing. The artist created a wall of pieces of quilts that were hand-sewn and stitched together. The medium of this piece of art amazes me as there is a much deeper meaning in each piece of quilt that makes up the whole art work. Each piece of quilt is different because each one was made from a traumatizing event. There is so much passion, anger, and frustration in the art and is one of the reasons why it sticks out from all the others.

The Harn Museum incorporated a rock garden on the backside which I liked very much. The garden had huge boulders that were surrounded by small pebbles which were combed and raked into wavy patterns. The rock garden was aesthetically pleasing as it was very plain, but very neat. It was interesting to see the way that something in nature as simple as rocks could be transformed into art.

There was a wing of the museum that had Korean art. It had pieces of art from Korean history. The one painting was "Woodblock Prints" by Yi Jinsang. The artwork used paintings that used Korean writing and symbols as well as Korean vases. The pieces of art work that I viewed in this area really hit my core values as I am half-Korean. They reminded me a lot of my family and growing up as a child. I saw many similar pieces of art work in my family's houses. It reminds me of where my family has come from as they brought many similar items over to the United States when they moved from South Korea. It really gives me a greater appreciation for my family's culture.

This one picture in the museum really stood out to me and I think that it shows a great representation of the good life. The painting is "Funeral" by Stuart Robert Purser. All though it is the sad seen of a funeral, the description that went along with it showed that there is a much deeper meaning than what we may perceive first. It's at a funeral, but what is important is the people attending. The good life is not fancy and flashy things in life, but it is the people you meet and the experiences you come across. Items can be replaced, but people and experiences cannot be. The person's who funeral it is had a strong bond with the people who attended his funeral as they are all there to show their love and support for him. The good life theme is the impact you have on others and living life to the fullest. The people in the picture were really impacted by the man who's funeral it is. The people are paying him respect.

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