Communicating with Corporations for the Common Consumer The Influence of technology

By Emma Strauss

How does Technology affect the way in which we communicate?

Technology is machinery and equipment developed from the application of scientific knowledge. There are many different types of technology that each perform many different functions. These types of technology have greatly influenced our world and the way in which we communicate. Technology has had an impact on how businesses communicate with the public, how people communicate with each other, and how people with disabilities communicate. Different technologies have allowed these types of communication to improve and advance in a proficient way. I have always thought of technology as Iphones, computers, televisions, Ipads and everything else like that. Technology to me, has always been anything intricate and complicated like an Iphone. I never though of technology as anything besides these few items, and was surprised what I found after undergoing this research process.

The internet has allowed Buzzfeed and many other businesses much easier access to the public, and access to a much larger audience. Approximately 43% of the world's population has access to the internet; that's more than 3 billion people (Davidson)! The internet is a very big place with many users, and it gives businesses the opportunity to share information to billions of people. “The internet allowed the consumer to have these benefits, that were so great that you could have a fraction of the resources of all of the big media companies and still make things that were hits that would reach tons of people” (Peretti). Not only does the internet allow companies and businesses access to a large mass of people; but it also gives them access to the audience's interests.

The internet allows businesses to adjust their workings to suit what the viewers/readers want to see. In the past, companies were forced to share information by printing articles or magazines (Peretti). The limitations of these methods were that they were not able to appease all their viewers. The internet has allowed viewers to access information that they were never able to before, and allows corporations to distribute information to a large audience. Companies like buzzfeed, adjust their publications based around what the consumers want to see. Technology has not only impacted the way corporations communicate with people but also the way people communicate with each other.

Technology has had many positive influences on how people communicate with each other; and there are many different ways to communicate through the different types of technology that are available. I think that this has completely changed how and when we communicate. “‘It’s convenient,’ Carter said. ‘People usually just carry their phone with them, and you don’t have to log into a web browser or anything to get on email or social media. You just pull it out of your pocket and do it’” (Eastman). There are so many different ways that people are able to communicate with each other in today's era, many of them being through social media, and especially phones. In today's generation people cannot leave a room without their phone. I know that my friends, family and I all take our phones with us wherever we go. Because of this it has become so easy to communicate with others through the many social media apps and things such as texting that are accessible through a phone. The result of this is easy and fast communication; phones allow people to send large or small messages in just a few seconds. Because of technology, staying in touch with friends and family has become so much easier than ever before. If you have someone living far away from you, it used to be difficult to even get a small message delivered to them, but now that there is such advanced technology and different social networking sites; staying in touch has become simple and easy. My grandparents live in Florida, which is quite a far distance away. Due to social networking sites and texting I am able to talk to them whenever and wherever I want. Not only has technology allowed us to communicate over long distances, but it allows us to communicate to large groups of people as well. Through posting on social media, group chats and more; sharing a message with large groups of people is easy. I think the way in which we communicate is greatly influenced by technology; advancement in technology leads to easier communication methods.

Easy access to such advanced technology has had a major effect on the way people with disabilities are able to communicate. Disabled people have a more difficult time transmitting their thoughts into words than people without disabilities. Technology has really helped to improve the way in which people with disabilities communicate, for example voice control. “The former function is particularly of benefit to people with learning disabilities such as dyslexia as it lets them express their ideas in papers without the frustration of written assignments” (Reason Digital). Dyslexia is a disorder that causes difficulty in reading and writing and makes recognizing words or letters difficult. Voice control allows people with dyslexia to send messages through talking, so not to endure the struggles of writing. Technology has also helped people with speech impediments such as studders. Language therapists use different types of technology to teach new vocabulary, and pronunciation skills to people with speech impediments. Technology has also helped people who have autism with their speaking skills, and things such as eye contact. It is proven that kids with disabilities become less distracted when using tablets or Ipads instead of basic learning methods such as flashcards. (Fenell). Overall technology has had a major effect on people with disabilities and teaching/helping them to communicate in an easier and better way.

Technology has had a major impact on the way of communication in our generation. Technology has improved on the way corporations communicate with the public, people within a community communicate with each other, and the way in which people with disabilities communicate. As technology has advanced throughout the years; the way of communication has completely evolved and transformed. The spread of information and messages through technology has never been as efficient as it is right now. After this project I have found that technology is not what just what I thought; it's not just the complex Iphones, computers, and televisions. I learned that technology can be anything that helps make life easier, even the simplest things such as a pencil can be considered technology. This project has changed the way in which I view technology, and transformed my thoughts completely. Ultimately, I have decided that the consumers are the ones who decide what is published on the internet, and the information that is distributed.

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