Massacre Of Nanking By- Hannah Hawthorne, Brad Milliorn, Haley Rogers

Summary- The Massacre of Nanking (1937-1938), also known as the Nanjing Massacre or the Rape of Nanking, lasted for over 6 weeks where imperial Japanese Army forced brutally murdered hundreds of thousands of people, both soldiers and civilians. Between 20,000 and 80,000 women were sexually assaulted The city was left in ruins and would take decades for the city to recover from the savage attacks.

  • Facts-
  • A small group of missionaries and businessmen tried to set up a neutral area to provide refuge for the Nanking citizens.
  • This safety zone was about the size of Central Park and consisted of more than a dozen small groups.
  • When Japanese troops arrived, entire families were murdered, even elderly and infants, while tens of thousands of women were raped. Bodies lifted the streets for months after the attack.

Local and Regional Effects-Soon after the end of the war Matsui and his Lieutenant Tani Haiso were tried and convicted of was crimes by the International military Tribunal of the far east and were executed. The massacre stopped in January 1938. The Japanese ordered all the refuges in the safety zone to return home. Japan told them the order had been restored over a period of time, Aristocracy.of Japanese had gone down extensively

Causes/ Influences- Emperor Hirohito wanted control of Asia and the South Pacific. He removed the constraints of international law, which gave his army free reign to wreak havoc anywhere or anytime they pleased. The Japanese believed they were superior to all race, therefore what aristocracy they committed in Nanking were justified to them. The direct was the imperial army took Nanking and wanted to "celebrate" by raping and murdering thousands of civilians.

Short and Long term Effects- The Massacre of Nanking is about the killing the people, it had a short term effect on the people and scarred the civilians that survived. It had a long term effect by creating a memorial for the members who were killed during the massacre.

Dates- December 13, 1937- Mid January 1938 in Nanjing China.

People- Many people that were involved were soldiers, such as Matsui and Tahi Haiso, were convicted for killing and raping dozens of women. 50,000-300,000 people were murdered by many political officers and convicted of killing, which caused the Japanese government to do something.

Connections- This act of gennoacide can also be similar to the Boston massacre. Innocent people were killed without cause or the ability to defend themselves. However to contradict this statement, thousands of women in the Boston massacre weren't raped like they were in the Rape Of Nanking.


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