The Trip to B.C by: Daniel untereiner

Bang! I wish I knew what happened, I remember waking up and wondered where I was. I saw a bright light and then heard my dad and John yelling, they were saying something like "he's awake, come fast." The doctors rushed in and pulled out the oxygen tube, I was breathing my own air.

What happened

Six Months Ago

I woke up like every other day, I go down stairs and get myself some food.

"Hey, how was your sleep" my dad says.

"Good, are we still leaving to B.C today.?"

"Yes, get ready we still have to pick up John."

I head upstairs to my room to get packed up. John messages me and asks what time we are coming to pick him up, I reply 12:00.

"We are leaving in 20 minutes" my dad says.

I put all my stuff into a bag and went out to the car, I run into the garage to grab my longboard. My dad comes out and hops in the car, I open the door and put my longboard inside. I get in the car and we head to John's house, when we get there John comes running out with all his stuff.

"hey" says John

"Hello" me and my dad say at the same time.

"Do we need to pick to get any food before the 5 hour drive" My dad asks.

Driving to B.C

We agree and say no, we are going to get food when we get to are destination. On the way there we saw many animals and many tourist attractions. My dad had to go to the bathroom like 6 times it was so annoying.

When we got to B.C we went to are hotel, I had a shower well my dad and John watched baseball. When I got out we went to this fancy place to get some food, John and I got a wrap and my dad got a salad.

"let's head back to are hotel, it's going to be an early morning tomorrow." My dad says.

The hotel

"Okay" I reply.

When we get back to the hotel everyone goes straight to bed. In the morning we all get ready and go out to the car, this is day one of our trip. When we get to the hill there are already lots of people longboarding. We hoped in a truck that takes people to the top, once we were at the top I sat down and got my longboard set up. "It's going to be a fun day".

"Yes, I hope so!" John says.

"Well here we go."

On the way down the hill we noticed that there were lots of little rocks but we didn’t really think anything or them. At the bottom my dad was waiting there with water,

Going down the hill

"What time is it?" John asks.

"1:45, we have 2 hours left and then we should head back" my dad says.

We went down the hill like 15 more times that day, on the way out we saw an ambulance speeding into the parking lot. We were all kind of concerned but we just kept on driving. At the hotel we watched some more baseball and ate some snacks, by 9:30 everyone was sleeping. About 10 minuets after we were sleeping the fire alarm went off in the hotel.

"What is happening" I ask.

"Let's go" that’s the fire alarm.

We all jump out of bed and rush down the stairs in a panic, when we got to the main floor they told us to leave the building. We walked over to the hotel beside us and just watched, after like 3 hours they started letting people back in.

"Finally" I yell probably waking everyone up.

"do u guys need anything to eat before we go back up."

John didn’t say anything, "I think we are good dad."


The next morning we didn’t wake up till 12:30, we were all so tired.

"Do u want to go to the hill today"

"Not today I'm so tired" John says.

Getting sick

We all decided to just walk around down town and see if we could find anything we wanted to buy. I bought a shirt and John got a pair of pants, Then we found a 711 and got some lunch. I thought I was going to die, I got sick and went back to the hotel to shower and sleep. I woke out at 6:30 and my dad and John were not there, I phoned them. The phone rang twice before they answered. "Hey where are u guys."

"We just got some food, go u need anything before we come back?" My dad asks.

"I'm fine see u in a bit"

Well I was waiting for them to come back I watched a movie on Netflix and just sat around. I knew that tomorrow was going to be a long day so I just relaxed. I heard a Knock on the door, "finally you guys are home"

"want to go for a swim" John asks

"Sure, let me get ready"

When we got to the pool we asked the lady to turn on the waterslide, I jumped in the pool it was so cold. After a couple of seconds John came crashing down the slide, it was so funny.

"When do u guys want to go back up?" My dad asks.


We all decided to go upstairs and just like the other day we went to bed right away. The next morning we went back to the hill, today we are going to have a lot more time. It was raining a bit but not that much, me and John went down the hill so many times that day, we had lots of fun.

"Two more runs and we should go" my dad says.

"Okay" we say.

Once we get to the top we go down right away, we were hungry and new that we were going to come back tomorrow. On the way down I was going faster than usual. John was just behind me.

"John what happened" my dad asked.

" I don’t know, I think he hit a rock and then he slammed into the ground."

At the hospital

All I remember was waking up and seeing bright lights I heard screaming and yelling but didn’t understand, once my vision came back I could see that I was in a hospital and I could see my dad and john. "What happened"

"You fell"

"You smacked your head pretty hard" my dad says.

The doctor told me that I will need to get lots of rest. I heard my dad and the doctor talking.

"I think we need to go home," my dad says nervously.

We left the hospital and went to the hotel to pack up are stuff, That was the end of our trip.

Heading back home

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