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For me, ever since there has been an urge to travel, there have been choices and rejections.

Why does one travel ? The first craving to leave for somewhere starts with our innerselves. Whether we want to because we really wish to, or we just like the idea of us being there, or whether we just want to accompany that best friend, or whether we just want to go somewhere.


Who wants to be at home always! We are not meant to be even. There is so much the world has to offer that we never know what awaits us in which corner, more than we await that something; something from which we expect some magic.

Lichtenstein Castle, Germany

While working towards our dreams across countless days and nights, ups and downs, cheers and sorrows, green teas and whiskeys, we wait all this while for that magic to happen; the magic that has to give us a short-cut, the magic that will pay back, the magic that has to be magical.

Nea Kameni, Santorini Islands

In fact, what that magic actually does is fooling our brain and letting our heart work. It doesn't bring our worldly dreams closer, rather it makes the heart do the brain work and projects new dreams instead, those which are truer and closer to our souls.

Most of us would agree to this, and again most of those still live through the years just waiting, finally succumbing to familial and social lives.

Impressions of Santorini

When do we discover ourselves ?

When do we listen to our souls ?

When do we actually start living ?

When do we stop following others ?

The answers are unknown, as the whole approach is probabilistic.

Thirassia, Santorini Islands


Varun Anand Purohit

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