L E N E O N A D X bringing denim back


Two teenagers recycle and purchase Savers children clothes with the funds made and use their fashion and sewing skills to sew patches and designs onto the clothing and in the end... donate them to orphanages! Time to give back to our community!

All this will be documented via Instagram @leneonadx

Project Accomplishments

- Taking the time of our day to meet up and recycle, consistently!

- Creating all 24 patches for the denim clothing

- Contacted a shelter, Path of Life in Riverside, and got an approval!

- Raised funds from recycling and purchased denim pants and a jacket

Community Goal

- As of today, we have learned this 20% project is a perfect example for young individuals today to donate back to their community, 'Lene On ADX' is meant to inspire teenagers all around the world that by using one's own creativity and teaming up with your greatest friends to achieve a community project!

Thank you!
LENE ON ADX 'Bringing Denim Back'
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