Meadows Stevens Portfolio

Meadows Stevens was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has recently made the move to live in Los Angeles more than a year ago when situations were getting difficult. Now living with her Aunt and Uncle, she attends Grand Arts as a freshman. She aspires to be a photojournalist in the future, aiming high for a school like Stanford, UCLA, etc. Her inspiration comes from her sister who has been a role model since the age of nine. Meadows and her sister have never had a solid relationship when her sister moved to Los Angeles during her childhood but later connected when Meadows moved to California as well. They have gotten closer and formed a real connection that Meadows cherishes. With the support of her sister, she has found passion in the art form of photography, drawing, fashion, and much more. This is Meadows’ first year using an actual camera, which has only sparked her love and creativity even more. Her current niches are B&W, landscape, and portrait photography where she explores a deeper level of her calling and everything possible with a camera.