2009 FCIA Firestop Industry Conference and Trade Show Key Biscayne, FL - November 2009

Jay McGuire & John Thornburgh
Jay Mack, Aida & Charbel Tagher & Mike Holmes
Aedan Gleeson, Mike Dominguez, Steve McIntyre & Randy Bosscawen
Tom Hottenroth, Eric Keeton, Jodi Clem & Frank Rudilosso
Chris Kusel, Randy Perry, Scott Devall & Chad Stroike
Nick Hartz, Louie Cimino, Woody Smith & Gregg Hartz
Tom Thoreson, Mike Pautsch, Derek LaBossiere & Mark Dietz
Thomas McQuillan, Mark Nunn, James Perisa, Bill Hoos
Ron Thompson, James Armour, Peter Logsdon, Rich DeCosta & Bill Hoos
Jimmy Castro , Don Donnelly, Guy Gradley & Mark Kelley
Trey Hines, Trevor Cochran, Justin Roy & Ken Slama
Trey Hines, Trevor Cochran, Justin Roy & Ken Slama
Cochran, Justin Roy & Ken Slama Chad Landry & Kevin McKay
Aedan Gleeson, Kathy Taraba and Jim Shriver
Ken Slama & Jodi Clem
Robert Gray, Judy Shriver & Terry Minton
Ben Urcavich, Jim Whitehead & Chad Landry
Pat Tesche, Leigh Hays & Jay Mack
Don Sabrula & Kathy Taraba
Jodi Clem & Charbel Taraba
Don Donnelly & Bob Hasting
Ray Bruno
Mike Hall & Family
Mike Holmes & Jodi Clem
Nick & Gregg Hartz, Woody Smith & Jodi Clem
Joey Tarfiff & Michelle Lauria
Robert McQuillan, Frank Rudilosso, Mark Nunn & John Perusa
Jodi Clem & Mike Dominguez
Charbel & Aida Tagher, Kelly & Bob Hasting
Tony Fontana, Eric Ciccone, Diane Rankin & Bill McHugh
Bob LeClair & Bill McHugh
Jeff Molchan, Cheryl Bruno & John Hurley
Judi & Jim Shirver
Tracy Smith, Sabrina Guell, Kathy Taraba & Mike Dominguez
Cynthia Gray & Angie Sims
The Gary Hamilton Family
Scott & Diane Rankin
Cheryl Bruno, Angela Hamilton, Bob & Kelly Hasting
The Ladies Tour
MIchelle Tesche & Theresa Gamble
Aedan Gleeson, Tom Hottenroth & Chris Downey
Aedan Gleeson
Aedan Gleeson, Bob LeClair & Tom Hottenroth
Mark Kelly, Michelle Teshe & Tony Fontana
Aedan Gleeson, Scott Rankin & Bob LeClair
Mike Dominguez, Gary Hamilton, Bob LeClair & Tracy Smith
Don Sabrsula, Bob Hasting & Mike Dominguez
Randy Bosscawen, Terry Minton, Eric Keeton & Mike Holmes
Bill Hoos with Leigh Hays & Jim Venezia
Scott Rankin, Tom Hottenroth, Jodi Clem, Eric Keeton & Tom Hottenroth
Gary Hamilton, Bob Hasting, MIke Dominguez & Bill Hoos
Bill Hoos, Aedan Gleeson & Randy Bosscawen
Bob Hasting, Gary Hamilton & Ken Slama
2009 President Bill Hoos
Incoming FCIA President Randy Bosscawen
Key Biscayne Reception
Bob LeClair, Kathy Taraba & Scott Rankin
Tony Fontana, Angie Sims & Randy Bosscawen
Bill McHugh
Outgoing FCIA Pres. Bill Hoos greets Randy Bosscawen
Bill Hoos & Jodi Clem
Pat Tesche & Bill Hoos
Jeff Gould & Bill Hoos
Jodi Clem & Michelle Tesche
Randy Bosscawen & Mike Holmes
Tony Gamble, Ken Slama & Bob LeClair
Jim Shriver, Jim Young & Robert Gomez
Robert Gomez, John Hurley & Bert Hugge
Jim Venezia & Joseph Karkour

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