Japanese Internment Aleigha cook

"Should the government have placed Japanese-Americans living on the West Coast in internment camps?"

Support: The Pearl Harbor attacks by the Japanese were horrible tragedies that caused many unnecessary deaths. While the country was in this time of crisis, it was somewhat reasonable that the government was skeptical of the ethnicity as a whole. Since the country was attacked, I personally believe that the government had a solid basis to be skeptical of the ethnicity that attacked them. I find this to be true especially if they were immigrants and not born here. Like the first document said, even though Japanese-Americans may have born in America, they would more likely choose their background than where they are living now.

The Pearl Harbor Attack was horrible and from the Japanese.

Opposition: As strong of a basis the government had to be skeptical of the Japanese because of the attack, I think it was extremely oppressive and unethical to force anyone with a Japanese background into camps where their freedom was taken away. We can liken this to nowadays where people of the Islamic background are under suspicion because of recent terrorist attacks. However, we do not oppress them because a few people of a certain ethnicity are targeting America. The fourth document brings out the 14th amendment which states that any person born in our country will have the freedoms brought out in the other amendments.

The Japanese and Japanese-Americans suffered greatly and often having no motive to turn against America.

Overall, my personal opinion is that this never should have happened and it is parallel to how today is.


Created with images by IMLS DCC - "Internees working in fields at Minidoka, ca. 1943"

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