My Social Cognitive Perspective

Reciprocal Determinism

Part of reciprocal determinism is the fact that different people chose different environments to live in. For example, my parents had me learn how to ski and signed me up for ice hockey at a young age. Because I enjoyed these activities so much, I eventually started snowboarding and my favorite season is winter. Had my parents not initially made the decision for me to take part in theses activities, I would've never became the person I am today

Spotlight effect

I've never been very comfortable public speaking so when I had to perform a speech about my saint in front of all the parents at my school in fifth grade I was extremely nervous. Every time I stumbled pronouncing a word or took what I thought was an extremely long pause, I thought that everyone noticed how bad my presentation was. However, when I asked my friends later how I did, no one had noticed all the times I thought I messed up. This is the a perfect example of Thomas Gilovich's spotlight effect theory that says that we overestimate how much other people pay attention to us.

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