Spring Break Special Flint Institute of Arts

Recommended for ages 6 & up

Activity #1

Spring Landscapes

Check out these two videos and try your hand at creating some spring scenes! You will need some cardboard tubes, cotton swabs, paints and paper.

Activity #2

Paper Sculpture

There are so many things you can do with paper! Here are two videos the help you find out about paper sculpture techniques.

Here are some basic techniques.

Here are some advanced techniques.

Click the button below to see and download a paper sculpture techniques handout.

Activity #3

Collagraph Prints

Gather some old cereal boxes, glue, unwrapped crayons and sheets of blank paper. Follow this video to create prints of any design you choose.

Activity #4

Watercolor Techniques

Experiment with the fun watercolor techniques in the video below and discover what effects you can create.

If you don’t have watercolor paints, you can make your own using diluted food coloring or dried-out markers like in this video below.

Activity #5

Straw Weaving

Watch this video to learn how to create a loom with drinking straws and tape. Then use your loom and some colored yarn to weave your own bracelet or wall hanging!