Into The Wild By: Matthew sanchez, Capreona Youngblood, JOrge JImenez

We become full human agents, capable of understanding ourselves, and hence of defining our identity, through our acquisition of rich human languages of expressions.- Charles Taylor

Throughout this project we focused on the main idea of gender identity. For in today's perspectives, there are many different opinions and voices about gender. As people would agree, disagree or present an alternative. Each of us within our group would like to present an informational article and also their own editorial products. With it still being a very controversial subject we hope you enjoy our Adobe Spark.

Thank you!!!

Football will not ruin your child's identity

Abolish Raymond A. Schroth from writing editorials!!

Date: March 16 2017

By: Jorge Jimenez

A letter to Raymond A. Schroth

By Jorge E Jimenez

As from my personal experience of playing football. I am well aware of parents being concern about their boys playing football. As it is an dangerous sport I also recognize that every sport also has its dangers. With sharing my thoughts onto the editorial of “Abolish high school football!” I agree and disagree with the editorial. But I would like to present an alternative.

“Are you sure playing high school football is good for your son?”-Schroth

In reference to his arguing points. I agree there is an danger when playing sports, but not in only football but in all sports. As I played football throughout many years. I always learned to play safe and believed in safety first. With my coaches being very strict to us, there is a difference between a player and a spectator and the player is well aware of the consequences of not following the game, especially with the safety rules.

“I’ve felt high school football did more harm than good since I taught high school”-Schroth

As many boys have considered of playing football or sports only a few do. Believing that sports is the best opportunity that students can have it teaches them into having many skill sets. Because participation in sports has always a positive strong benefit on a student. It teaches them life skills by experiences. I mean the skills by playing sports are endless. But besides that it also promotes good health to children and students!!!! As sports provide opportunities to children some boys including girls enjoy playing football because of their own identity and personality.

A deeper question to ask about our own identity

What will be the limits for human identity?

Date: March 16 2017

By: Jorge Jimenez

“Is all that we see or seem But a dream within a dream?”- Edgar Allen Poe

Believing that gender is based on the basis of the individual. I feel that when people start to question their gender identity, that question is only going to be the tip of the iceberg. As I insist of questioning gender, let's ask the big question of what does identity mean or the concept of being a human? Being a widely controversial subject. In my opinion I see that biologically they are only two genders men and woman, but since gender was mainly defined by social and cultural constructs identity it's all based on the individuals will.

Because gender was formed of this concept that is tied up with the special place we believe in, we believe in occupying in creation. Renaissance and Christian thought placed humans at the very top of the latter and events. Even non believers won’t deny that we posses a special sort of intelligence relative to other species. But also there is another catch and it's maybe that we are special because we have “souls” you start to question in a form of what special dignity is expressed by something called human rights? As you realise that most of gender identity are based on being cultural or social constructs. Gender had majority been defined by others. And that's by the idea of femininity and masculinity. There has always been questions about gender identity since the beginning of time. With every generation having different views in gender roles. mainly gender was shifted by in the current situation that was happening. Say for example WW1, WW2 great depression, woman's rights movement, at those time periods gender and identity was questioned and they bring a solution of what is their own identity and their own roles at that time period.

As for the issues for today I feel that one of the major issues of gender is identity. With throughout today's time period. Gender roles are becoming less common to people. As international wars are at all lowest from history, women don’t need to be dependent on a man or people are less discriminated by their gender. Including so every person can get their own education. And with so the technology advancing. This makes gender identity more abstract and looser. With questioning gender identity we are approaching to this era of improving the human condition by using method of technology called transhumanism or some would call the singularity. As soon technologies such as genetic engineering, mind uploading, AI, body modifications and virtual reality. It brings to the question of what limits are into the identity of the individual. Or as if I were to ask you what does meaning and identity mean for you?

Hello, and my name is Matthew Sanchez and what i did in my project is doing the "How to write an editorial cartoon", and a Photographs with caption" about the topic of "Into the Wild" and for the gender idenity of people. As for this i have draw and reaserched a way for myself to make it understandable to our veiwers.

For this i have done "How to write an editorial cartoon" that shows two boys that are explaining about women. One boy wants to explain about the Women, back then in the past that how it can relate to the real world they live in. This person wanted to talk about the reasons with the ways, and atitudes that were with women in the time being. Each charater has a opinion for there story:

Boy drives up in the parking lot on a sunny day and gets a

For this image it is talking about How to write an editorial cartoon,

For the Image, that deals with Photographs with caption, that shows a Women thinking of changing their idenity to a man of their shadows on the wall, and the same gos for the Man thinking of changing his own idenity to a women. At the botttom the image, it is relating to a fact of person and his/her idenity to the world itslef. The caption in red means for the image is , that if she wants to be a he, or he wants to be a she, they will start all over again with a different lifestyle to themselfs and there looks of how they come out to be. But when they do they will leave behind the old person that they stuck with, in there life. Becoming the new gender of themselfves and leaving there idenity behind.

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