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Author, Speaker, Advocate and Women of Influence, Sonja Bentley Zant is a former marketing and technical writer with a passion for storytelling. Her love of laughter and connecting with women on a deeper level inspired her to write her first novel, Hurricane Season, which is the story of a 33-year-old virgin from South Beach. The story serves as an example of how defining your “non-negotiables” in life will give you more choices, and ultimately ensures that you have the clarity you need to hold out for what you want, instead of settling for what you get.

Sonja launched Hurricane Season to reach out to young women in their early 20’s on college campuses across the nation. Using her novel as an entry point, Sonja was able to speak to thousands of young women about finding ways to live their lives with more intention, and hopefully empowering them to define their deal breakers in life.

In addition to being a great storyteller, Sonja has also been a featured speaker in high schools and colleges, and has been a keynote speaker at several women’s conferences as well. Sonja is passionate about the idea of mentoring and serving as a life coach, and she has many groups of women in her life who rely on her style of counseling through the use of stories.

Since her success with her first novel, Sonja has written three additional books – all of which represent her passion for using stories to engage people with Truth. Sonja has adapted Hurricane Season novel into an original series, and has written the pilot, plus four episodes. Her goal is to reach a broader audience through a live action narrative to help better contribute to the conversations in this culture when it comes to relationships, living with conviction, and creating connections with people who don’t always agree. As the adaption process evolves, Sonja is working diligently to help build a strong base of readers and followers who can join her in her as she creates a new audience for the series.

Sonja lives in Sonoma, CA with her husband, Lou, and she is the stepmother to two grown boys: Joe and Jordan.


By Sonja Bentley Zant

Eloise Butts is still "waiting" at age 33. Living in Miami's South Beach, where being a virgin is highly unusual, Eloise finds herself strangely aware of her unique situation. But when she gets a chance to move to Italy for three months, she opens herself up to the complete possibilities of love for the very first time. When a dashing Italian man named Marco Maselli sweeps her off her feet, Eloise struggles to discover the difference between lust and love while remaining true to her self in the process. In the end, when what she thought was love blows in, blows up and blows out of her life, all that remains is who she is as a person. It's the story of holding on to a deeper sense of self-no matter how counter-culture or strange that may seem.

"I absolutely loved reading this book. Sonja has a real gift for making a reader truly feel like they are connected to the story. I would absolutely recommend reading it. Now that I've finished, I know I will miss Eloise Butts." Amazon Review

What starts out as a light reading, clearly a "chick book" in the vein of Bridgette Jones Diary, ends up being a book with a serious message, couched in a simple question: What are your non-negotiables? Written with the college and 20-something girls in mind, Zant writes with humor and a light touch about some very probing questions. What is worth fighting for? What is worth guarding? What will we make sure we don't miss before we die? Don't let the light humor in the book fool you. This book will leave you thinking about your own non-negotiables! -- GoodReads Review



Hello, my name is Sonja Bentley Zant, and I’m an author who lives in Sonoma, California.

I’m actually standing in a vineyard that is my backyard, and these grapes here…their Merlot. As you can see, the vines are heavy with fruit, and it’s nearly time for them to be harvested. But the winemaker is making sure the fruit is truly ready for the picking, and as it is with most good things in life, it all comes down to timing.

I find a lot of connection to these grapes right now because I feel like I’m finally in a season of harvest, too.

Eleven years ago, I wrote and published my first novel, Hurricane Season, and I experienced so much joy and success right out of the shoot. But a couple of years after my first book tour, my husband and I found out we’d been financially wiped out, and there wasn’t anything we could do to change that.

So I found myself in a strange season of survival for what felt like ten long years. But I never stopped writing and growing, and so the vines of the storyteller in me are loaded with great stories and new perspectives to offer all of my readers.

I’m excited about my comeback, and I believe the version of me that my readers are going to experience this time is the very best vintage I’ve ever had to offer!


Life is better lived when you have your nonnegotiables figured out.

When you decide for yourself what your “must haves” or “your deal breakers” are in your life and in your relationships, the list almost always consists of things no one can take away from you unless you let them. Clearly knowing what you want makes it much less likely that you will settle for what you get, and I’m a firm believer that we live in a culture that lulls us into settling.

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