Winging It Fort lauderdale-March/April 2017

G2 Secure Staff

Welcoming passengers, and meeting guests needs before or after a trip, are responsibilities of G2 Secure Staff... and they do it well!

Let's Get To Know Them

Having a little bit of fun interviewing G, Supervisor at G2 Secure Staff.






March, April & May Birthdays

March 2017




April 2017


May 2017,

Judy 11

Regina 14

Ryan 19

Sean 23

Why do they like working for Virgin America?

Jackie D May 1st- 6Yrs

I've completed 6 years with Virgin America on the 1st May 2017. I love helping other people. Regards, Jackie

Ian May 20th -4Yrs

Changing my fellow teammates computer screens

Sean May 22nd - 3Yrs

Since 2014 - Working with airplanes

Now a word from our very own Greg Hollywood Weiner

all worked up and no place to go…

So we have all been there, when the stress levels rise and we either blow up and take it out on others, usually the people who are the least warranted, or worse sometimes we keep it inside. So I think we all need to think about our "happy place".

So I can remember when I was young and I would get upset with my parents for yelling at me…don't know why, I never did anything wrong. I would always go to a the field next to our house and sit in a big hole in the ground. It was kind of fun, I made it into a fort, well ok, it was really a play house, but for the men…it was a fort. But there I could do anything and say anything and it was all OK. I later began to find comfort in music, songs that I really liked that would make me happy, or even smells. I love the smell of cinnamon rolls, Thanksgiving dinner, really fresh air, all of those things also trigger a release of happy feelings. Unfortunately for me, I not only like the smell of the food, I also ate a lot of it. That was my downfall, feeling happy and rewards are not the same, so a battle of who will win … food or me, but that will be another story later.

But what we all have to do is find a place in our heads, remembering a vacation, a beach, a sunset, a mountain, anything that we can picture in our minds that will give us a little peace,even if it is just for a moment. So I asked everyone to send in a photo or story of where they find their "happy place" so maybe they will also help us too.

So the next time you see me stressed out… think the gates, and just tell me to go to my happy place and see if it helps me. Thanks

Greg asked us to send where or what is our "Happy Place". this is what you sent...

Jason'S "Happy Place"

My happy place is when i think about all the family gatherings we have. Reminds me of how short life is and to enjoy every moment of it. You never know how much time everybody has, so always enjoy every moment you get to spend with them. Family and friends are the most important things ever! Hope thats considered a "happy place". Have a wonderful day!


Mel's " Happy Place"

That picture is my happy place. I grew up on Blvd East in North Bergen NJ, which is right across the Hudson between the GWB & the Lincoln Tunnel. There are benches from 90th st all the way down to about 48 st. The view is amazing. In the summer, the ice cream truck would come around, you would get your ice cream and just sit on a bench and enjoy the view. At night, my favorite time to go, you can enjoy the city lights. That's when I take advantage of the view. Its my quite time. My thinking time. My happy place. Where I let go. Where I scream if I have to. Where I run (its more like a REALLY slow paced jog) to clear my head. Where I go to just sit with my head phones and think. Some people go to the beach. I go to see the skyline.

Anywhere on the Beach "Happy Place" Regina

Ryan's "Happy Place"

My happy place is a view of water. Any water in motion can relax me. Whether it is a stream, river, ocean or sound, looking at it and zoning out is a form of meditation for me.

Tracey's "Happy Place"

Sunrise, sunsets, coffee and the ocean. With my family of course ♡

Lady J''s "Happy Place"

In Today's world with what we see and hear can sometimes cause us to lose sight and maintain a happy atmosphere. How do I try to maintain staying with that smile? By keeping my mind on my heavenly Father, staying in his word to maintain that positive balance. To get through any challenge with a positive mindset and to look at things ahead.

Ian's Art Corner

If you are a fan of The Cure and Robert Smith, this will surely delight!

Farewell Brownies to Joe Micci

Bye Joe you will be missed... we are still looking for a shuttle driver though?!?!?

Judy Stillman made these especially for Joe

Our new pay rate will begin on April 22nd and will be reflected in the check we receive the week of May 12th.

And as for the benefits, the target date is July 1st for open enrollment. We are still waiting for exact details....

As you may know Linda Romaniello is on the WRAT Team. The final meeting will be on May 24th and 25th. If you have any questions or concerns you would like Linda to discuss at the meeting....please send her an email.

Regina's trip to Puerto Rico

Greengros Caribbean Cantina


Puerto Rican Fried Foods


Isla Verde Beach

Medalla Light beer is produced by Compañía Cervecera de Puerto Rico.

Cinco De Mayo Sale!! Bring in your Mexican favorite!

por favor traiga su favorito mexicano

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