Go-kart project. Miles. Pettiford.

Problem statement- For my group our objective for our project is to make sure everyone finished there part for our go-kart, know exactly what were gonna get for the go-kart and plan out our budget. The materials well be using will be 18 volt drill, 1 sheet of 3/4 plywood, Miscellaneous hardware, and wood glue. The outside materials that are required are 10 to 12inch wheels, chain to attach to 18 volt drill, and the gears for my groups go-kart. Our groups budget will be $25.

For the first piece we implemented was the steering wheel.
For the second piece we wanted to implement was the breaking mechanism.

For the braking system we decided to drill a piece of a door handle for the breaking.

Design -

For the design me and my group are putting wheels on the side of the go-kart.

For our groups final implemented piece, we decided to go with the go-kart seat

For our seat me and nathan glued the edges of the seat so that way it will stay in place.


Research- For my groups research we looked at various videos of others peoples go-kart just to give us a understanding on how were going to build ours.

For the steering me and my group decided to use a frisbee for the steering wheel.
For our groups sketches me and my partners had to draw sketches for each of the pieces that we were responsible for, and also draw the measurements for each and every side and for each angle.
The tires that me and my group we be using are going to be 10in's in height for our go-kart.
The seat that i created for my groups go-kart will be 25in's in width, the height of the seat will be 20in's
Our group is going to use a 2x braking power mechanism. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kMwsVeMUV4rSWgkc4DOh26RBfGuZfGiUny1lxVm4ujc/edit


the height of the tires will be 10 to 12 inches tall. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kMwsVeMUV4rSWgkc4DOh26RBfGuZfGiUny1lxVm4ujc/edit
link to photo https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kMwsVeMUV4rSWgkc4DOh26RBfGuZfGiUny1lxVm4ujc/edit
This is the sketch that i created of the seat on on shape for me and my groups Go-kart design that well soon be using to assemble all of our parts.


Front view of my groups go-kart pieces that are being cut out by the shop bot.
My group member branden is using the shop bot to cut out our surface used for our groups go-kart.
Chipping out the surface used for our groups go-kart
Branden continues chipping out the surface used for our teams go-kart.

Identify the problem- The only problems that me and team members had was our measurements for each of our parts that we were responsible for making on, on shape, because even i had to go back and re correct my measurements that i had on my go-kart seat so that way the seat will be wide enough in length and tall enough in height so that you can sit on it.

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