My Learning Journal


Hello, my name is Gianella. As I am completing this course at/for work, which does not allow recording devices or camera, I will not be able to submit a video. However, for me UI/UX is the ability to understand the needs and wants of a user and provide them an interface that allows them to complete their tasks in the most positive experience possible.

Class 1

Assignment One: Identify a problem that you would like to solve as part of this UX course.

The problem that I am trying to solve is of creating a user friendly interface that will allow elementary school students to interact more with the use of technology to help them with school work. As most kids nowadays have already started using technology such as computers and smartphones at a young age I think that the interface will encourage students to engage in most school work.


The assignment of creating a persona this week was really helpful in that it allows you to get an insight at the targeted audience for your design. With a better understanding of your audience we can provide a more pleasurable interface experience.

Class 2


I found the process of card sorting and creating a site map to be a very beneficial step in the development of my interface. With the users card sorting it allowed me to have a better understanding on how the targeted users wish to see the information displayed to them. The results of the sorted cards allowed me to create a quick and easy sitemap to analyze the flow of information more carefully. I definitely foresee the use of card sorting and sitemaps in my professional career. Not only will this process benefit me in the development of the interface but it will also have a positive outcome for users of the interface. I allowed me to have a different perspective of the interface.

Class 3


Creating a wireframe for the interface has definitely been a positive experience. I did not find the process difficult but instead very interesting. I had never used the Adobe Comp tool, although I see myself using it quite a lot in my near future, I found it to be a simple and easy process. Although it did have it set backs, such as lack of some generic icons, the ability to transfer your project from your mobile device to your computer was definitely a plus. The tool allowed me to create a simple yet professional wireframe to present to the customer or consumer. With this wireframe I was able to show a couple of users my idea on the interface and allow for any feedback or ideas on how to provide a better user experience. By having this wireframe it also allowed me to gain valuable feedback from users on their point of view. By having this feedback it allowed me to update my design and incorporate some new ideas that were given. It allowed me an opportunity to address some issues encountered before a large amount of time went into the development of the interface. It also allowed me to explain my thoughts to the user on how I interpreted the design. Overall this experience has had a very positive outcome.

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