The History of Football and some other fun things. By: Brock Fisher

The Beginning of football

  • Football was originally like soccer.
  • It evolved into rugby like game
  • In 1920 a professional football league was founded
  • It was called the American Professional Football Association
  • In 1922 It was renamed The NFL
  • The NFL means National Football League
This was Jim Thorpe when he played football for the Cleveland Bulldogs
  • Jim Thorpe= influential player/person
  • Walter Camp= influential coach/rule changer
  • He made TD's worth 2
  • Safeties worth 1
  • PAT worth 4
  • and a field goal worth 5
This is a painting of Walter Camp. His rules were later changed to the rules we have today.
This is the equipment they used to wear. They also used to not even wear helmets.
  • The uniforms and pads are better.
  • The old stuff was terrible protection.
  • There were a lot of injuries.

Deshaun Watson was the Heisman front runner but then Lamar Jackson came out of no where and scored 9 overall Touch Downs in one game and he hasn't slowed down to much.

"What can I say."
These are the Heisman trophy front runners. Lamar Jackson (top right), Deshaun Watson (bottom left), Jabrill Peppers (top left), Adoree Jackson (bottom right).


Created with images by dbking - "Walter Camp" And a video from Harris Highlights.

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