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Would you like to actively become involved in donating to an organization that is committed to empowering and uplifting our women, through education, business, art, and fashion.

​We introduce to you Queen Rising the Movement ,we request your leadership and support in order to facilitate our goals as an organization. Please consider sponsoring our organization ​.
Please consider donating, you will directly be of help to finance the various activities within our communities and educational scholarship rewards we envision on giving to women across the world.
We are committed to Education Empowerment & Leadership.​Reminding every woman and young Queens rising that She is always a Queen.When challenges arise. She Shall Rise.

Our Cause: We support and empower underserved women and young ladies by providing a digital network hub that provides educational opportunities, business resources, and awareness to achieving positive self esteem goals, self accountability, and positive mindsets.

What We Do? Join Forces to Fill in the Gap within our communities , to provide opportunities geared to underserved women and young girls in the kingdom building areas of Self and Family in the respective modes and areas of Education, Technology, Business, Art, Self Esteem & Social Awareness. We provide creative digital resources and opportunities, and to collaborate with existing organizations that will meet the needs and in turn help to build positive self esteem, increased knowledge and awareness of self, purpose, and execution of visions and goals. We lend support and monitor a hub specifically for women and families to organize, network, and facilitate their individual goals, and the goals of this organization. We promote the advancement of Education and maintaining Healthy lifestyles. Boosting the key role in self self esteem building. Knowledge, Leadership, and Servitude are highlighted in our organization.

QRTM Team participating in the Sista Strut 3k Walk to bring awareness to Breast Cancer amongst African American Women

President & Founder Jonnika Dixon Allen M.S , MBA

Greetings to you and May blessings come to all who read this . We are ever so grateful for our current and former sponsors and supporters. Your contributions help fuel the movement.

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In 2011, I began this mission to prevent young girls from becoming victims of violence and abuse, because I too survived the horrific experience of being abused physically, mentally, and spiritually. Once, I escaped that lifestyle and the abuse, I began a personal journey to heal, and then in 2013 I was diagnosed with a severe form of Fibromyalgia, doctors claim is caused by Traumatic Stress. Through my journey in healing, I looked back to when I was around age 13, and I realized some of the things I lacked; things that would have made me think about situations and how my decisions can create toxic outcomes. I lacked Self Esteem, I lacked a Spiritual Relationship with God Almighty Jehovah, and I lacked respect for my self which is “My Kingdom.” Then I took a evaluation of myself as a grown adult woman, and realized that I lacked accountability for my actions and decisions. I forgot that I was a Child of God Almighty and that I was saved by the blood of Jesus Christ the Messiah. And sadly, the young women around me were also lost in a midst of the enemies traps and lies. So, with a heavy, burdened and broken heart, I asked God Almighty, “ What can I do” “How can I reverse the mindset that hindered me and always tries to hinder me and many girls and women around me”?

And God answered “ Be the change you want to see, I will make room for your gifts, your servitude will bring rise to a generation of the Proverbs 31 type Woman. You are of a chosen Generation, Royal Heirs Peculiar, now Rise and take your throne . And thtough you shall my glory be exalted “ -answer from God Almighty Jehovah

I have been blessed to be a wife to my husband Corey E. Allen, and I am grateful for his blessing on helping me fulfill this calling on my life. My mother’s teachable, yet ignored lessons , now make sense to me, I am grateful to my mother Janet C Dixon that she never has, and never will leave my side.

Mr. Corey "Coach" Allen Sr

Our Organization is growing and is looking for serious, dedicated, & talented women , to join forces with us to push the Movement !

Register for Upcoming Leadership Academy
QRTM embraces fashion, culture, art, and educational advancement opportunities that promote the movements goals.
J. Jones Clearwater,FL
When challenges arise, she shall always RISE.

Fall 2018 we will begin preparations on promoting the Young Rising Queens Leadership Team and Scholarship Awards; in conjunction with the school based projects planned for 2019-2020.

Our Leaders are developing activities that will encourage

Positive Self Esteem

Creative Expression

Health Education

Academic Advancement

Faith and Social Skills

Etiquette and Character development

Philanthropy and Charity

Professional Growth and Entrepreneurship

Young Girls Attending the. Daughter of the King Academy, Algiers, LA 2018 ; show off their vision board project led by Instructor and Mentor QRTM President Jonnika D Allen.
Registration Opens Nov. 2018
Jahzi Girl-Marrero,LA
We Aim To Prevent Abuse & Domestic Violence against women and children
Our efforts include trying to Reduce the amount of Homelessness, Drug Abuse, & Incarceration amongst women and teen girls in our communities.
We hope to have a positive impact on producing a society of women that advance professionally and personally as Educational Scholars, , Artists, Professionals, and Business Leaders.
We support the efforts to reduce the number of Homeless Women and Kids and to provide assistance in areas of significant impact.
Our ongoing initiatives hope to inspire a generation to Commit to holding their self accountable and love themselves, while taking advantage of educational opportunities, and advance both personally and professionally. We uplift women that are currently in situations of transition, including homelessness, DV and Abuse survivors, low income, substance abuse recovery, and lack of family care due lack of support emotionally and financially. By educating our women and girls we also hope to prevent and decrease life threatening disease and infection amongst women and girls.
QRTM t-shirt design
FOR QUESTIONS OR MEDIA INQUIRY please contact us at Email: reign@queensrising.com Subject: info/media

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Jonnika Allen MS, MBA


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