Overcoming adversity adversity-is difficulties; misfortune. By Anthony Valentino

Krystal Krajuski and she is my sister she used to play softball and she got hit with a softball in the knee cap and walking was bad for her but she overcame it and just waited it out but she couldn't play because her injury was so bad so she was out for the season.
My sister was a good person and she was very kind, she would help people that didn't even now her because she wanted to be a better person and meet more people in her life she had lots of friends.
She was once a professional bowler and she was very good at it but than she became a softball player when she was in highschool and she loved it until she got hit in the knee with a softball and she was not happy because she couldn't even walk nevermind playing a sport.
She wanted to make history with what happened to her because most people just quit after something that bad happend to them so she got back up and she tried but she didn't get noticed so that's what got her mad and she just kept playing.


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