Erosion by Water and Human Impact


Through natural actions along with human activities - such as construction, shopping, boating, and recreation- causes the displacement of sand and land along the coastline is caused by high waves, currents, or other impacts of storms.


As our beaches are shrinking due to coastline erosion from human activity and natural processes we have less space to enjoy our tanning and swimming days at the beaches

For example: if coastline erosion continues to happen in the Gulf Coast region then it will lose its natural barriers to hurricanes, animal habitats and sanctuaries, and the hunting and fishing industry will be affected. It will have an even greater impact on the national economy because oil would be impacted.


Solutions would be to regulate land use, development, and new construction placement of structures

Another solution would be to ensure new construction or structures are a safe distance from areas of active coastal erosion.

Restricting or prohibiting activities or development in natural protective feature areas would help with human activity in erosion



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