Screen Time & Your Kids: 5 Easy Steps for a Healthy Media Diet BY: Melissa Foster SJA LIBRARY MEDIA SPECIALIST

Step 1: Choose the Good Stuff

  • Monitor apps your children have downloaded (this should only be done with your permission)
  • What websites are they visiting (YES you can set blocks on devices to avoid UH-OH moments)
  • Avid reader... check out the books they are reading for content...I know they can read on a super crazy level, but do you want them to read about stuff they aren't emotionally ready for?
  • What movies are your children watching? Do they pass the test?
  • Finally what games are your children playing? Ever heard of Roblox? We need to talk!!!
  • There are plenty of resources available to you for FREE to help you determine if the media your child is using is a "good" fit!

My Top 3 Questions I Ask Are:

  1. Is this useful?
  2. Is this educational?
  3. Is this a good use of my child's time?

Step 2: Watch, Listen & Play Together!

  • I ENCOURAGE you to do sporadic checks on your children's devices.
  • Take time to play their favorite games with them, this is what led me to my Roblox discovery!
  • Show them sites like Common Sense Media, discuss the boundaries, restrictions and reasons why its not OK for your 10 year old to play Call of Duty.
  • Give them choices, create family game night, movie night, favorite app night! BE CREATIVE, but most importantly BE AWARE & BE INVOLVED in what your children are doing with media!

Step 3: Walk the Walk!

  • Easier said than done, FOR SURE!
  • When you create a Family Media Plan...FOLLOW it!
  • Make NO exceptions because you are an adult, REMEMBER they are always watching you. When you are sitting at the red light scanning through FB to see the latest, they are watching and when you think about your littlest off driving do you want them to be doing the same thing in the car?
  • A new trend is Tech Free Day, parents are choosing to try these on weekends and I have heard a lot of POSITIVE response regarding Tech Free Day in your homes! If you have not tried this, I encourage you to give it a try!
  • Remember, today is the youngest your child will ever be! Make more memories than likes:-)

Step 4: Keep a Balance

  • Screen time is not all bad!
  • YOU know best! Choose a healthy balance and your child will be just fine!

Step 5: Watch the Clock

  • I am a firm believer that no screen time during the school week is the best policy, our kids sit for long periods of time and need to be MOVING when possible!
  • Try a calendar, a reward system, earn time for screen time, anything that works best for your family! Just be mindful of the recommendations from the AAP on screen time at all ages.

Does anyone have any questions?

  • Please complete the survey that is provided.
  • All surveys may be placed in the basket as you exit!
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Thank you for joining us this evening!
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Melissa Foster


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