Design Challenge: Try to make a nice looking robot that paints. We used 3d printers, cardboard and paint to create the body. We made him all races, his face was chinese, his torso was white, and his arms were blue. We wanted it to look like Donald Trump so we 3d printed his face. My first idea was for it to just move around dragging the paint brush in the back and painting that way, but when me and my group started discussing ideas, we instantly came up with Donald Trump, so we thought of him and things relating to him.

This is my first scetch at the beginning of the project
We painted over the face orange because he likes to tan

We had an idea where the arms move 360 degrees with paint on it, and we made silhouettes of America and Mexico's map, then we put that on the sides, and the paint is supposed to splatter on the silhouette, then we take the cover off, and it's supposed to be a painting of the country. We 3d printed the arms blue.

These are his arms
This is what the painting was supposed to look like, we hand made this

I don't feel like my design skills improved at all, because I wasn't focus on improving my skills and I don't think this project would improve my skills either. I don't think that the robot was a success because it actually didn't make paint and the arm was too heavy to be held by anything. A new idea I have is a robot that is remote controlled and it can carry anything under 5 pounds on it, it can look like a truck. I didn't focus on other people's robots. I didn't approach any other groups or focus that much on any groups but I saw that Hetti's group's robot worked, they built a penguin with a marker below it's stomach, so the penguin on wheels would move around dragging the marker across the paper.

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