Floor Maps Self Designed exhibit one

Floor Maps are a retrieval process that I have used since high school, with a little tweaking along the way. They work by allowing me to map out processes and their steps in the correct order to increase comprehension.

Using tape, paper, and markers (depending on the floors surface, i.e. carpet vs. tile), lay out a process in the correct order on the floor, tape it down, and physically walk through the steps with notes in hand. Once this has been done a few times, put down the notes and do it from memory to measure understanding.

This specific floor map was based on the process of the nervous system and sensory input and output. The original chart was obtained from Dr. Nora Espinoza's lecture notes. The goal was to replicate the chart but in simpler terms on the floor so that I'm able to walk through it an understand the process as if I am the nerve impulse. I put this floor map in the area between the end of my bed and my door. The intention with this placement was to put the map somewhere I would continuously see it. Every time I walked from over the chart, I would stop and go through the process as well as I could without looking at the notes. I kept this on the floor until the night before the exam, so for about a week and a half. By the time the exam rolled around, I was able to walk through the process and understand the steps.

This is the actual floor map. The top left picture shows what the map looks like in full and the rest of the pictures (from top right to bottom left to bottom right) show the succession in the floor map and the stages of sensory input becoming a result through the muscles of the leg.

Using this method, I increased my exam grade to a 75%. The photo below shows the resulting grade on the corresponding exam.


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