Ranthambhore trip 2017 By : yunji kim


Do you know Ranthambhore?? Ranthambhore is good place to see animals!

Sambar deer

We went ranthambhore because we are 5th grade. And we can learn a lot of things.

Our class ( 5WG )

First we went Delhi train station. And we wait train for coming. And we have to walk a little bit too.

In side a train

We get on train. We take 6hours to go Rajasthan. It take a long time, but it was okay. And students see a new toilet. That toilet was old toilet. But students have to use that toilet. Because there's no toilet except that toilet.

And finally we went Ranthambhore!! The air was cold and we get on the canter!

And we went our hotel 'Siddhi Vinnak' that hotel was great to stay. (I'm sorry I can't find hotel picture.)

Spotted deer

In Ranthambhore there is a lot of kinds animals. There is Tiger, Deer,Peacock (etc..)

We went Safari 1 , We saw 4 tigers! It was lucky a lot! (Zone 3)

We saw 3 tigers at each same time !

And in Safari 2 , We can't see any tigers.

So sad..

In Safari 3 , We saw amazing animal !!

Oh my god !

We saw Golden Jackel ! It was amazing ! Because Golden Jackel is rare ! Our class got happy ! ( but nobody got a picture... Golden Jackel was so fast, and we don't have a time to take a picture )

And we did Activities too ! There were 4 options. ( Art, Craft, Village life, Visiting a Farm ) I choose a Art. It was fun ! And Art and Craft were did same place. And I saw what Craft's doing too.

Activity : Art
Activity : Craft

We did everything as many we can do.. last day of stay Ranthambhore we saw a Rajasthani dance. ( There's no picture )

We made a lot of fun memories. It was so fun !

And we go back home !

In Sawai Madhopur to Delhi

It was a great trip !! Maybe everybody got good and fun memories.

Thank you Ms. Maira, Ms. Rupa, another Teacher and Chaperone's !

( Source : Ms. Rupa, Ms. Guyer, Google )

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