Grissell Hay By Amira Dossani

Box Compass

The tool I chose to talk about is a Box Compass. A box compass, is basically a compass floating inside of a box. A Box Compasses purpose, is to show sailors which way to sail to get to their destination. The reason why this compass is floating in a box is because the ship is floating on water, and whenever the ship tilts the compass will tilt with it. The group that introduced this tool was the English. All in all, this tool is super cool, and I love it!!!

make animal furs into leather

The outdoor exhibit that I chose is the making furs into leather station. This station's purpose was to make animal furs into leather, that the Powhatan could later use for clothing and such. The first thing that the Powhatan would do, was hang up the fur and pull it tight in the strings. Then, they would use shells to scrape off all of the fur, leaving them with a bare skin. Then, they would use the animals brains and mush it up and mix it with water then soak the skin in it.


One shop that I love to go to is the Millinery. The first time I went to a Millinery I noticed that inside there were only women workers working, and most of the items were made for women. In this shop you can buy things such as, fancy sun hats topped with bows and ribbons, children dresses, bolts of linen, silk, and cotton, and many other necessities and accessories. When I go there, I can't afford such fancy accessories, but as a middling I still have nice things to choose from.

Well, today I stopped by the Wythe's house to discuss what guests will be staying at my lodging with Ms. Ann Wythe. Because I owned a lodging home, many of the gentry class women stayed down in my lodging home, usually because they aren't going to stay in a tavern. This was really just an excuse to come by, because the Wythe house was one of the nicest houses in the area and not only did I enjoy talking with Ann the room decorations and wallpapers were terrific. I heard that one super nice room is the middle upper room, I heard it is decorated in all red velvet. Though I've never seen it, it still is my favorite room in the entire house.

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