The assault on Nancy Kerrigan 12/8/16

Background 1 paragraph

Nancy Kerrigan? Who is Nancy Kerrigan who she is she is a famous ice skater bake in the 1990's. Nancy Kerrigan's life started when she was poor with her parents her mom and dad had been collecting cans for money Nancy Kerrigan had a poor child hood. When she was 5 she was collecting cans with her mom and dad when she passed buy a ice ring Nancy Was so interested to go out on the ice when Nancy hit the ice ring for the first time she wasn't bad her parents thought she could be better so they put her with a instructor. Nancy Kerrigan had went in several tournaments and have came up on in the top 3 every time buy 1992 Nancy Kerrigan had made it to the Olympics and had won a bronze medal she was so proud she said to the media that she felt as she could go for the gold.

The crime 1 paragraph

The attack on Nancy Kerrigan. NancyKerrigan was practicing in Detroit park when all of a sudden when she was heading home a 200 pound man attacked Nancy Kerrigan and ran away. Later when Nancy was attack she was screaming in pain Nancy dident know who attacked her but she did know that she got hit buy a big object. Nancy had to go to the hospital and have her leg checked later on Nancy Kerrigan had to drop out of the competition all because her leg was bruised and she could not get back in to the Olympics. Later their was a investigation to see what had happened to Nancy Kerrigan they had not found anything until they found some info Tonya Harding knew when the attack was going to happen and never did report it. later on nancy kerrigan found that she had problems with competition and why her husbandmen hated her that she took most of the money and all he had to hear is his ex wife every time he steeped out side.

The after math1 paragraph

What had happened after Nancy got attacked. The officials of the Olympics felt like that after the attack happened for a reason and more could happen if people did not have some kind of protection. After a few months later the people of congress decided to have a law to have people of the Olympics have body guards at all times so no one else has a attack on them and have thir own time scedual. Nancy kerrigan later on 8 years later she was able to have a second chance to go for the gold. Nancy Kerrigan had a rough time with her exhusband she was able to get him arrested and she was able to live a better life.

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