Great white sharks

Great white sharks are the strongest animals in the oceans. They can weigh up to 7000 pounds and measure as long as 7 meters! They have cylindrical shapes and tapered edges. The top side is darker than the under side. They are cartilaginous which means they have no bones. But they have three rows of teeth.

The great white sharks are found in fairly temperate/not hot water near coast lines. They usually swim around near the surface or deep bottom. When sharks are young they feed with smaller prey like fish and rays but when they grow larger, they hunt sea lions and baby whales. Sometimes, they will eat other sharks without chewing. But they can survive without food for 2 months. And also they have to be isolated.

The great white sharks are the strongest in the ocean, but they are endangered animals because of human activities which include collecting shark fins and teeth. Those materials become valuable so people kill the sharks.

So when sharks become endangered animals, the food web will be broken because every fish will eat smaller fish. Then the food web is going to be imbalanced. So lifestyle will change for some other animals.

So we have to stop killing the sharks for other animals and for food webs. We can make a difference by educating people about this problem. And also you can support World Wildlife Fund for sharks and other animals.

So if we tried to save sharks, then oceans would become cleaner. Sharks are important because they are at the top of the marine food web.


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