XYZ Affair By brendan mcmanus

Americas greatest ally France has helped them win the Revolutionary War. They have helped them through everything. Then it all started with Proclamation of Neutrality.

France suspected a rather close and intimate relationship with the New America, but whereas the Proclamation of Neutrality comes into play, France questions the bond of the two nations.

Jay Treaty

Then The Jay Treaty comes about, and France feels the obligation to feel betrayed by what they thought was their allied nation. Think of it as a petty middle school drama conflict where two best friends are mad st eachother because one said something mean and the other person took it too personally.

Then the drama gets worse, when America creates a treaty with Spain declaring alliance and friendship which was made to give America ownership to the Mississippi River land. It also gave America the right to harbor goods in the southern Spanish territory of New Orleans. The Treaty overall bonded Spain into national affairs and keeping Spain relevant. This is also an aspect of how America is becoming much stronger of a nation, because Spain feared getting on Americas bad side. It desired to be close to America so as not to potentially wage war against them.

France, being wildly enraged by Americas previous actions, decided to take after the British and impress sailors. They would abduct American sailors and force them into the navy. American citizens were outraged and called for war with the French, but thanks to the diplomatic president, Adam decided not to enact war with the French but to engage in diplomacy and try to settle the conflict peacefully. Adams sent over a pair and a half of diplomats to France in hopes of alleviating all recently arisen conflict with the French.

Eldridge Gerry, John Marshall and Thomas Pinckney, all skilled in the art of conversation, travelled to the land of the French to converse with Minister Talleyrand. The hopes for the American Diplomats were quite ambitious. They hoped to achieve common ground on Jays Treaty, or to enact a new treaty entirely.

In my eyes, what the French did next was a petty, and childish act. The French minister then refused to talk to the Americans, but three people who history calls X, Y, and Z and said that they could not even talk to the minister without a fee of $250,00 and another loan of $10 million without the assurance of a treaty. This reminds me of two male friends in a tree house not letting their female friend up because she is a girl. It's like France is pretending America isn't there. The Americans refused to pay the $10,250,000.

After a long winter waiting of the Americans stalling in france waiting for a meeting with the french minister and a threat from france to wage war withAmerica, the americans returned home treaty-less and dissapointed. John Adams said “I will never send another minister to France without assurances that he will be received, respected, and honored, as the representative of a great, free, powerful, and independent nation."

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