Spring Planting Day Community Gardening

Time to start planting my community garden plot with spring vegetables. I have onions, broccoli, cauliflower, collards, swiss chard, potatoes, radish, beets, parsely and turnips ready to go.

Maintaining Social Distance is easy today. It is the first sunny day since the City plowed the garden which means time to get some plants and seeds in the ground. Rain is on the way tonight

I am going to have to figure out my watering situation. I think this may be common in many community gardens. With no way to irrigate on site, it is going to be plant around the rain, mulch heavily, pick heat tolerant varieities. Or haul water.......

I am a huge fan of plasticulture mulch in my garden, the weeds can be a major problem. I lay plastic to create raised bed paths where the tractor tires were and the soil is compacted.

These brassica transplants have spent the past 5 days being hardened off

Starting to get a little pot bound

100 Long Day onion transplants went into the ground.

Here is the goal.

Lots of residue left from last years corn crop means I will need to make sure to add supplemental nitrogen this year. Deer ate most of the corn but I planted enough to share.

Glad to get that done. I still have more onion sets to plant but was able to get the transplants in, 100 onions and some parsley, beet and radish seed planted before it rained over night.