Manuel Garcia Minor in non-profit management

About Me

I am a world traveler and outdoor enthusiastic, I have been to over 15 different countries and have done all types of outdoor activities that span from surfing and paddle boarding to rock climbing and mountain biking but my biggest passion is running.

These experiences combined have helped me create a deep respect for the environment and the different cultures that live and rely in it. Seeing many different communities around the world and how they each interact with their surroundings and the various problems they face I have come to realize that many of the problems face have solutions found in their own local environment, they are just not aware of how to take advantage of them.

That is where I wanna come in and intervene, teach people through various education and community projects how to approach their specific problems and how to attain solutions that are cost effective and sustainable for the community and that will not cause harm to the environment and future generations.


Working for small non profits is something that I really enjoy doing to really learn how they work and what they do. My first experience with a Non Profit organization was volunteering in Mexico to help clean up a lake in my town that because of heavy rain garbage from the streets ran into the lake, that was simple one day volunteer job but from that I learned so much and opened my eyes to what something so simple of my part could combined with small effort from the rest of the community can have a big impact on our community. After that I took a summer internship in 2014 with an organization called SARAR which focused on bringing clean drinking water to poor communities high in the mountains as well as creating waste water treatment programs. A few years later I worked with Universidad Autónoma De Occidente located in Cali, Colombia where I did a seminar which goal was to teach students and professors alike how to develop small community projects and how to make them sustainable. Finally my current internship is with an organization based in Orlando called Fleet Farming. It is a small group of individuals to have asked neighbors to donate their front lawn and convert it into a garden that produces food. Then we sell that food to local businesses and at farmer markets with the goal to solve food waste and the cost of transportation of food by eating and growing locally.

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